Anyone want to give Fantasy XFL a shot?!

I know what most of you “NFL-elite” are thinking…thumbing your nose at the new kid on the block. Well, this new kid looks to be totally crazy, much more fun than you ever imagined. The XFL is coming in just a few short weeks…and I for one will be watching intently!

I created a private league on Sandbox for Fantasy XFL. The league name is The Straight Dope and the password is cecil. Please reply to this thread with your Sandbox name, so I know who all is playing.

Please, give it a shot…you might be suprised!

C’mon folks it’ll be fun!!! Please?!? :smiley:

Actually, it sounds like fun.

I’d be in, but…
I have had mega problems with my connection timing out over at Sandbox. I can never stay for very long. (I am only at 56k)

Yahoo works better for me for some reason.

But good luck with it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, unfortunately, Yahoo isn’t supporting the XFL.

I just find it exciting to take part in this league where the only guys I’ve ever heard of are Rashan Salaam and Drunkenmiller…it gives everyone an even starting point.

Anyways, thanks for the helpful bump to th’ top! :smiley:

I’m still looking for folks…there are 6 spots left to fill…

If you gave me a link I’ll sign up.

Yeah, I s’pose I can do that! :smiley:

For my first pick, I choose that guy from that team - you know the guy.

Ohhhhh, That guy. You got him! From that blue team, right?

Ok, who picks second?

I am in. Houston Freeloaders.

I’m in. The Winter Park Ignorance Fighters. (WP is the official practice location of the Chicago Enforcers.)

Alrighty! We got 5 of the 8 spots filled! Anyone on here in SDMB is free to join!

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Create your team, then “Join League” named The Straight Dope and enter password: cecil

It’s that easy! :slight_smile:

The league starts soon, so if we don’t fill the spots…do any of you guys who’ve already singed up have friends who would be interested? Feel free to invite them in!

I’m in, if only for the chance to draft Kurt Gouveia. Is there really a need to set a draft ranking? I thought I would just pick the people I had actually heard of and move them up the list, but there were only about 20 throughout the league. This may set a record for free agent transactions once we get going.

By the way, my team is Mully’s land of 1000 scrubs.

I was going to support the XFL, until I learned that in the XFL, pass interference and receiving out-of-bounds will be legal. Many of the other rule modifications the XFL is adopting are almost as screwy; a few are just as screwy. So count me as an “NFL elitist”.

If I tune in to the XFL at all, it will be solely for the trampy hotties they are gathering to cheerlead, and not because it’s any kind of continuation of football.

OK, it is true that the referees won’t be calling as many penalties as in NFL. Also, the “out-of-bound catching” actually, is just college rules…One foot inbounds is a reception/interception.

Another rule change is that there will be no fair catches…which I think it a pretty silly rule, anyways. If you don’t want to get hit…get off the freakin’ field, you wuss!

Also, to make 4th down more exciting, any punt travelling more than 25 yards becomes a live ball, recoverable by either team.

There are no PAT kicks. To get your 1 PAT, you need to convert a TD from the 2-yard line. And if the defense returns a fumble/interception on the PAT, they get 1 point themselves.

There is no “In the grasp” rule for QB’s. He’s down when his forward progress is “halted”. But QB’s can still be protected, ref-wise, by sliding or otherwise giving up without taking too harsh a hit. Headslaps will still be illegal as in NFL.

Defensive backs are allowed the “bump-and-run” all the ay down the field.

Finally, the play clock will also change. 35 seconds when time is stopped, and 25 seconds when the clock is running.

So as you can see, ALL of these rules are either utilized by other leagues, or have been in the past. So, there aren’t any “invented” rules here…just modifications and combinations of rules to make for a more exciting faster-paced game!

Here’s the rules pages…there are 3 total pages…just click the “More on rules” link at the bottom of each page.

Interesting is the Overtime rules. A little complicated, but seem really fair…using the college format, each side getting a possesion.

Here’s the link:

Yeah, it should be an interesting year, seeing as no one really knows who 98% of these guys are. And the free agent signings and trades should set a few Sandbox records. After (if?) the league’s been around for a few years, more popular players will join the league, as well as current players rising to the stellar level. It’s exciting to watch a new league in it’s infancy, much like MLS when it started here in Columbus. It’s great!

Long live sport!!! My fiancee will be in a world of torture, seeing how much she hates it! :smiley:

Oh yeah, one last thing…there are only 2 (TWO) spots remaining! Get ‘em while they’re hot. And like I said before, please feel free to invite your non-SDMB friends to join. I did: (Drunken Munkees’ coach is a non-SDMB friend of mine…altho I’m trying to convince him to join in the MB!)

Dab nab it… blocked by surf watch. Gonna have to wait till I get home tonight! :frowning:

Hopefully they’re not taken up. This is fun… every pick is a complete and total guess!

I’ll probably do much better just guessing as opposed to “knowing what I’m doing” with NFL fantasy leagues.

OK… trying to get in the league, I’ll let you know tonight.

Screeme, they’re not exactly busting the doors down to get in here…I’m sure at least one spot will be left tonite. As I look right now, @ 2:30pm EST, there are still 2 spots left. You should be fine.