Any Dopers going to Columbus Magi-Fest?

I’m going to be leaving on Wednesday for Columbus to attend Columbus Magi-Fest and I was wondering if any Dopers here were planning on going. If so, I’d like to try to make it a point to meet up with any that will be there. Sort of a Columbus Dope-Magi-fest!

Let me know.

Colombus Ohio, or Colombus Georgia?


Columbus, Ohio.

My mistake.

So…uhhh…what’s a Magi-Fest? I live in Columbus, and wouldn’t mind participating in a Dopefest, but I’m not sure what Magi-Fest is…

I wouldn’t mind going home and visiting my apartment this weekend (haven’t been there since New Years eve).

But yeah, what the hell is Magi-Fest? [sub]and do I need to bring a gift?[/sub]

I’m in Cols too…are you talking about the card game?

Columbus Magi-Fest is a magician’s convention. The url with all the info is

Yeah, that was my first guess…

Ok, that makes sense. In fact, I think I remember seeing adverts for last year’s Magi-Fest. Well, I’m not a magician, but it sounds like alot of fun! :smiley:

Huh, I thought there was the cutting of hair or watch bands involved…well, magic sounds interesting, too.

Not going, but Satan and I live in Columbus and would be glad to meet up for dinner with anyone who wants to show up. When’s a good time?

I go to school at Miami University and live in Oxford. I’ve never been to a dopefest either. Sounds like fun.


cykrider, have you heard of a band called Jack Friday?


Where is the magi-fest taking place?

Just givin’ this the old bumperooni in case there’s any new news.

Actually I’ve heard alot about them now. My roommate has heard of them. And I went to a party last night and one of the sorority girl’s there like lived across the street from one of them or something. So I guess in some weird way I kinda have a connection to them. I think her car was hit by them too? I’m not sure if I got the whole story correct.

Cool. My band played a show with them a year ago at Ozzie’s Balcony. Nice place. Very packed. Alot of fun. Go check 'em out if you get a chance.