Any Dopers in Dubai?

Anyone out there? Just curious about the city itself after talking with someone back after 6 years.

There are a few out there (I’m in Bahrain). I know Desert Nomad is in Dubai.

Yep. I am not in Dubai at the moment… heading back in a few weeks. It’s gone crazy since my first visit in the early 90s. Rents are insane, driving is suicidal and everything is under construction, but the weather in winter is perfect and it is still clean and safe.

Some time ago, I posted on the Board that I wanted to move to Canada for a year or so - which proved really hard because I’m not yet a graduate (next June - hooray!), but after talking with my new best friend, I’m thinking that Dubai could be the go. The idea of living and working os is a goal - but I don’t want to do the USA/UK thing. Dubai sounds exciting - although I was told about the driving and the high accommodation expenses. I would love to discuss this with you further, if you’d indulge me at your convenience. :slight_smile:

Spent a few long weekends there. Dubai is sort of like our Las Vegas.

Dubai IS the Las Vegas of the Gulf. Not having a degree would likely be a problem as you’ll need it for residency unless you find work in a free zone. You should probably visit for a week during a hot time of year (need not be August, but don’t think Dec/Jan is representative of the weather).

My sister and her husband are living there. He’s helping to put in a water park/aquarium complex at a huge resort on one of the palm islands. They’ve been there for a couple of years now and have no intention of ever coming back if they can manage it. They love it there.