Any dopers wanna start a Team Fortress clan?

That is, TFC by way of Half-Life. I am really interested in doing a Straight Dope Clan! Unlike the pissy ones that only recruit people who cannot work on their own, we will be a strong and powerful group.

My suggestion is to post your name that you use. If we have enough people, we should get a mailing list and some type of clan sign.

BTW, I have a hammer&sickle tag if anyone wants one!

I am Hi-Val, and I always play blue. I think our team color should always be blue.

If I had Half-Life, I’d do it.

Sorry man, I love deathmatch as much as the next guy (well, probably more), but I can’t work with a team at all.

That and I don’t have HL.

You might see me on Q3 though, I go by “0xdeadbeef”.

Start a Diablo clan, and I’m in

I can’t get my cheap little PC to do Quake III. What is team fortress based on?
Are you looking for Low Ping Bastards or guys with 24k modems? :slight_smile:

I am just looking for dopers. TF is based on Half-Life.

This doesn’t look like it’s off to such a great start, but if you do get it started I’m in. I play as a HW named Nephilim. Email me with details.

I’d be in, but my 'Net connection sucks sour frog ass. Give me a couple months to sink my claws into DSL (they’re building a new router station for the rich community right next to my neighborhood).

Ok, our gang thing will be a “S~D” before our names, mius the quotes. Anyone else wanna join in?

You gotta buy TF and HL, right?
What size PC are you running it on?

I’ll be in. Like Spoofe said, internet is laggy. I’m pretty decent at this, but I’ll likely have to download the most recent version of it. That means I won’t be able to play until I do. I usually go by Monster104 (Big surprise). I’ll put th S~D before my name. I also always play blue.

I usually play a HW and use Fenrir.Sounds like a good time to me.

You only have to buy HL. You can download TFC or get the version of HL that includes it.

And now for a slight hijack…
Does anybody know if/when TFC2 is coming out? I heard it is going to be real sweet but I don’t know a release date for it.

I thought for sure you were ranting at school about how bad clans suck when Mike, Mikey,Jared and I were gonna start one. oh well…count me in. once I can download the friggin upgrade…grrr.

Actually, I have a little secret. You can just borrow the CD of half life from a friend, and download a no CD crack. Then you can give the CD back and still play. Um, a friend told me how to do this. I um, have not tried it.

I would like to join, but that depends how much time we would need and how many others join up too…a 4 person clan ain’t gonna be much fun.

As for the CD trick, you won’t need a crack but you will need a valid serial code when you first run it. After that, you don’t even need the CD in the drive to run TFC. In no way do I condone anyone giving a CD code away though. For cripes sake you should be able to find an original Half Life in the bargin bin for $15 now…not the GOTY edition or anything though.

I think that starting a SD clan with 4 would be OK for now. We could just practice for now. By replying to this, it gets bumped, getting more attention. Besides, 4 of us could kill another clan. You forget: we have brains!

I was thinking about this just the other day. E-mail me with the details. I’ll go ahead and start labeling myself


I usually play whichever color has the least amount of players, and take whatever character isn’t being played. I prefer HW, or Engineer, but can play a great pyro or soldier in a pinch.

Ok I changed my handle to S~D Fenrir. I’m mainly a HW but been practicing sniper and soldier.Whatwever color is fine with me.I usually play the side with fewer players.

Should there be brackets around the S~D? Most clans usually do this, don’t they? I’ve never done the clan thing before, but I couldn’t resist a Straight Dope Clan! I kinda brings “fighting ignorance” to a whole new level.