Any Half Life / Counter Strike players in here?

My fellow software developers and I loaded up Half Life / Counterstrike on one of our local servers, and we play at the end of the day.

Yesterday for the first time we all joined the same team, against a bunch of Bots.

Just sharing how much fun it is… anyone else play?


Hell yea i play a bit too much i think.We tried getting a clan going in here but it kinda fell apart.

I never tried CounterStrike but my old roommate and I often fire up SveCoOp and go at it. Lately, i’m back to dialup access and since it’s no fun being the high-ping lamer in a game so I’m running through Blue Shift.

I play CS & TFC also. Very cool game and when you get bored w/ it you can change the models/skins and give it a new look. However I’m still waiting for TFC II.

We tried a SDMB TFC clan. I lasted about 1 or 2 practices. Interestingly enough, I think the Clan only lasted 1 or 2 practices as well. I know I had good intentions but never seemed to have the time.

Oh well… its too bad, as it was (is) a damn fun game online.

I started playing CS a week or two ago. I freely admit that I suck.

I usually lurk around the server “ T100” for a little while after work.

w00t! Heck yeah I play me some CS. We even have the occasional LAN party where all of us get together… bring the server and the hub… and CS 'til 4 in the morning.

Right now, I’m diggin’ on the new paintball mod. :slight_smile:

I play CS, about once a month 10 or more of us meet up a t a local hotel and play over a LAN, great fun - recently some friends of ine played on a UK TV show (Mecenarys, on BRAVO) and lost :wink:

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