any Dopers want to create an intro sequence for a web series?

I’m going to start producing short YouTube videos on topics in information security. These will be 5 or 6 minutes long and will try to explain a security topic or news story to a general audience. This is to market my business and maybe if I get lucky generate a few bucks. My model is something like the “It’s OK To Be Smart” science series (which is great, BTW). Here’s an example from that series:

I want a little 5-10 second title clip, sorta like the one at about 0:30 in the example, that I can splice into my videos. I have a name for the series and some ideas for the title bit but no talent or skill for actually making it.

Anybody here looking for a project? I’m happy to pay for it, credit you in the video, whatever you like.

Just one tiny little bump to see if anyone is interested in this…