Any eerie coincidences occur during WTC attack day?

For starters, I don’t believe in coincidences as meaning anything more than, well… coincidences. BUT…

This morning, like any other morning, I am one of the first two or three people to arrive at the school.

A teacher from the English department arrived literally seconds before me and he walked ahead of me by about 15 - 20 yards as he approached the building.

It is 6:00 in the morning, still dark, and though I walk by it everyday, I happen to glance up at the flag pole (something I rarely make a conscious effort to do) and notice that the flag is hung upside down.

One of the custodians must have simply not noticed and strung the flag up without paying much attention. Remember, it is still dark at this time of the morning.

I meet the English teacher in the main office and asked him if there was any significance to the flag being hung upside down today. He said he hadn’t noticed at all. We both said we would mention it to the first custodian we saw and thought nothing more of it.

This recollection came to me at the end of the day as we were talking about the day’s events in the foreign language office. We all thought it was odd–to say the least.

Anything similar happen to anyone else out there?

Actually…yeah. I was wondering if I should post this or not.

In English class, we were talking about the play Oedipus Rex and our teacher mentioned how Oedipus, our hero, can be quite arrogant at times, but we can’t dismiss him as simply a conceited SOB. He is in fact a complex character, and that at times a good leader needs to have that self confidence. She went on to say that after the Oklahoma City Bombing, Bill Clinton coming on national TV to tell people they would find whoever did this and kill him/her, could come off as a little self-assured/arrogant, but it was the right thing to do to reassure the country. So then about ten mins later, we had an assembly where we learned about the WTC. Really freaky when we remembered what she had said.

It’s Sept. 11th. OR 911. Just a thought.

My daughter just reminded me that she and her best friend BOTH dreamed last week about planes crashing into big buildings. And I do recall her telling me this. Might be time to start logging the li’l one’s dreams.


My phone rang at midnight. Whoever it was didn’t leave a message, then called back and hung up on me. The weird part is I keep associating it with the terrorism. I’ve got to get over that.

Flight 11: 11= today’s date

Flight 93: 9+3= 12

Flight 175: 1+7+5= 13

Flight 77: 7+7= 14
Draw your own conclusions.

Our phone line mysteriously went down. I don’t mean just the connection, I mean the actual line connecting us to the house. Just weird, I suppose. I’ve been watching the news on and off all day, and it’s very scary. The conversations that were going on at school were totally focused on what happened. SO sad.

I don’t know how eerie this is, and it sounds kinda stupid, but here it is:

Today is our wedding anniversary (2 years). My husband’s favorite movie ever is “Die Hard” and they just came out with the trilogy on DVD. So I bought the DVDs a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been anxious to give him this gift. I figured we’d trade presents, order a pizza, and watch Bruce Willis kick some terrorist ass. This morning, when the initial panic had died down a bit at work, it suddenly hit me what today was. All of a sudden, and I know it sounds dumb, I just felt horrible that I got him that gift. Of all the coincidences, of all the movies I could have gotten him. And I usually buy several things for him at this time of year to split between this, our “first date” anniversary (October) and Christmas. Then I just split the stuff up for different occasions. But we were low on money, and this is the one time I only got him the one thing. So I ran out on my lunch break and I got him some other stuff. I gave him the DVDs anyway and explained, but I just didn’t want that to be his only gift. I know it was just a weird coincidence, but I was sobbing over what happened this morning, and suddenly a movie about terrorists just sounded so sickening, and I felt awful.

Yeah, I make a whole lot of sense when I’m upset…

Here’s my coincidence story:

I flew to DC from Dallas last Friday to attend a wedding. There were a couple of men wearing turbans, and feeling bad about myself, I worried to myself about bombs. I watched them a bit, they chatted with each other, laughed, ordered up some cokes, just acted like humans, as we all are. Later I smiled and said “Hi” to them, they smiled and said “Hi” back.

We had thought a bit about staying in DC beyond Sunday and maybe do some more tourist activities. We didn’t, thank goodness.

On the return, there were some more men in turbans, I thought again of my earlier prejudiced thoughts, was ashamed with myself again, but still terrorism entered my mind again.

These gentlemen, as the ones before were humans, doing human things being peaceful souls.

Flying right by the Pentagon, I did think to myself, “gosh why are we so close to that building?”

i know a guy who works for the usps in nyc. his usual route is the wall street area and the wtc. today for some unknown reason he was diverted to the times square area. i found out at 4pm that his route had changed for today and that he was okay.

fate spins her web…

Well, yes.

I had learned about the incident in school earlier on and had just arrived home and I was talking to my friend about it. A couple minutes into our conversation about the WTC, I heard a loud bang and checked out the window to see two cars sideways on the road one with fairly bad damage to the front.
This in a place that rarely has any car accidents.

Call it what you will.

Well, yes.

I had learned about the incident in school earlier on and had just arrived home and I was talking to my friend about it. A couple minutes into our conversation about the WTC, I heard a loud bang and checked out the window to see two cars sideways on the road one with fairly bad damage to the front.
This in a place that rarely has any car accidents.

Call it what you will.

And another thing. I was in chemistry class at the time it happened. I looked over at the clock, checking how much time was left. It happened to be 8:45. Better get back to work I thought, and lit my bunsen burner.

A bit queer, donecha think?

This is the time, back during the Carter administration, when the Camp David Accords were signed…

This is not a really a coincidence, but extremely freaky. I usually don’t put much faith into Nostradamus (the one from the 1600’s), but this is pretty close to dead on.

in the City of God there will be a great thunder, two brothers torn apart by chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb. The third world war will begin when the big city is burning
-Nostradamus 1654

You tell me.

Lost In Reality

Please let us not go there.

Nostradamus’ writings have been interpretted a million different ways. I could probably find a quatrain predicting my jock-itch if I tried.

I am sorry. You are completely correct this is not the right time.

My best friend’s father works (worked :() in WTC2. He was home sick today.

Someone I know’s uncle works in the Pentagon…he took the day off today because it was his birthday. They also had a story up here in Maine about this guy who worked in the WTC but took the day off because he wanted to see the NYC election or poll or something (in all honesty I cannot recall what it was, something to do with local elections and politics though)because his grandfather said it would be a good idea.

One of our workers, a Pakistani-American, called in sick two times during the time he worked at our office: on Feb 26, 1993 and today.

One of the teachers where I work has 7 sisters. One of the sisters is the normal pilot for Flight 11, but she had taken this week off.

I freaked when I first heard this! :eek: