Any eerie coincidences occur during WTC attack day?

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Seriously, someone told me at SAAN that this week in 1978, the Camp David Accord happened.

I was reading about Iran Contra, and just thinking about how horrible nuclear war would be…how horrible it is to kill innocent people. (No, this isn’t about politics, just about people who kill people).

Today was our primary election day for Mayor, City Council and other New York City offices.

It’s actually a very significant election because the Mayor, the majority of the City Council, and most other elected officials are being forced to give up their seats for the first time due to the enactment of term limits.

The election was cancelled.

Elisabeth is the best customer at my bookstore, and I see her all the time. She was also the director of the Hebrew school I taught in last year, so I know her pretty well. A few weeks ago, she mentioned that her son, who’s 24, was planning on moving to New York. Today, she came in, shaking, and told me that he had had a job interview at the WTC - at noon.

Although she was fairly certain that he wouldn’t have been there already, she was a nervous wreck for the hour and a half til he was able to call her. Telling me this, she addded, “I wasn’t as relieved as I thought I would be. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the moms who won’t be getting calls today.”

I flew from Toronto back to Washington yesterday, and on the Toronto-Cleveland leg, just before takeoff the stewardess held up a bag at the front of the cabin and asked who owned it, and when nobody did, it was removed from the plane - the first time I’d ever seen such an incident.

Two days ago, I had a dream from which I woke very shaken…

The only detail I remember of the dream was that a catastrophe had killed thousands of people and that I was sobbing uncontrollably at the horror of it all.

I got off work at six this morning, and went to bed at about seven. For some reason I woke up a little later and could not get back to sleep. The time? Between 0845 and 0900.

Gives me the creeps.

I had a dream last night featuring an airplane that looked exactly like the second one that hit the towers.

There weren’t any more similarities, but it was spooky.

Yesterday my mom gave me two Tom Clancy books she had bought at a second hand store; The Sum of All Fears and Debt of Honor. I havn’t yet read either one but I learned tday that Debt of Honor is about some terrorists who hijack a plane and fly it into the White House.

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I heard very vague information about the attacks in 1st period in school today. I went to my next period class only knowing that at least one plane hit the WTC. Thankfully, my history teacher knows history when she sees it, and we postponed our lesson to watch the live reports. At some point I looked at the board and saw what our assignment would have been: to write an essay on violence. . . . Nothing major, but struck me as very strange.

You actually remember someone calling in once almost 9 years ago?!

I’m truly impressed.

Well, this isn’t a coincidence today, but I just emailed my mom about this and she said what struck her, as she was stuck by the TV all day, was how often tragedies have occured when she’s been travelling to see me.

She was flying to see me in Virginia on the day the United airlines flight crashed in Sioux City. Her flight was delayed and I had no word from her. I hadn’t seen the news, I didn’t know there’d been a United crash. The airport gate agent gave me a PR number to call and when I called to explain I was looking for my mom who was flying (from Nebraska) the idiot who answered said “You’re calling about the plane crash in Iowa, then?” HELLO! Way to put me into total hysterics. It was NOT my mom’s plane, in the end.

Then, she was flying to meet me in San Francisco on the day of the OKC bombing.

Then, when we met in Charleston to plan my wedding, Princess Di died (also Mother Theresa, although that wasn’t an untimely thing/tragedy).

Mom isn’t due to fly to MI to see me until next week. I’m beginning to wonder if she didn’t mean to come THIS week. Maybe she should check her plane tickets for the date.

I’m glad I’m not the only one with a weird coincidence to get them thinking…

I live about an hour from Chicago and can watch the airplanes in the sky backed up waiting to land at O’Hare, so it’s not an unusual sight to see airplane lights all over the horizon.

However, last night (9/10) as I was playing on my computer, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small aircraft moving quite quickly (more quickly than I’ve ever seen a small craft go before) through the sky heading West.

The angle it was flying at was odd and I wondered if maybe it might be crashing. I got up and went out onto my deck to watch (and get ready to run and call 911 if need be) and just as I was relieved that the plane was not going to crash, it abruptly turned and zipped back east. (And I’m pretty sure it was a plane, not a helicoper or UFO)

I thought this was really weird last night as I’ve NEVER seen such an odd display for the many years that I’ve watched the plane traffic.

I didn’t remember about it until I was on my way home from work tonight and wondered if maybe I’d seen something significant – especially after hearing about how the plane was acting before it crashed into/near the Pentagon.


Silver Fire, I think that capacitor noticed the other time this person called out sick because it was the day the WTC was car-bombed. Stories like that one do stick in your mind for years to come.

I had a creepy dream last night; the details fluttered away almost as soon as I got up but it was basically about something big and bad going on, people all over in the street, crowding me, and me trying to run into my building.

I wrote it off as stress-induced, plus I have a suspicion that the big bad thing was somehow related to the fact that I’m reading the Lord of the Rings right now and am nearing the whole Cracks of Doom, final battle thing. But I thought of it today, as we sat watching the news for hours, and it gave me a shiver nonetheless.

I’m rereading Lord of the Rings, and I’m nearing the end of Return of the Kings as well. Or at least I was until yesterday. I haven’t been able to pick it (or anything else heavy or involving combat) today.

I think the FBI might be rather impressed as well, if this story is true. Capacitor, have you thought about telling anyone about this?

Last night at work, I had my usual argument with my Egyptian co-worker. He said “The whole world hates Americans.”

I said “You can’t generalize like that. It’s like saying all Arabs are terrorists…”

Something to add,

just yesterday I started this thread after reminiscing about my trip to NYC when I visited the Empire State Building and the World Trade Centers.


If you read the thread, notice that NYC, Wash DC, and the Middle East are all mentioned - and there were only six replies.