Any fans of Forever Knight here? (open spoilers)

I really liked the show. Wish it had lasted a little longer. Was it three seasons? Four? Something like that. I particularly liked the whole “quest for redemption” theme. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. Was a little dissapointed with the series finale. Wasn’t 'zactly a happy ending :frowning:

Question: Was there a contract dispute or some such that lead to Skanke’s death? I missed a couple of episodes right before that happened, then tuned in again for the episode where he died. Seems like the series kinda lost momentum after that…

The few I saw I quite enjoyed. Wouldn’t mind seeing the rest at all.

I loved that show, especially the first and second seasons. I was sorry to see Skanke offed at the beginning of the third, though.

Loved all those flashbacks, from Nick’s life, or from La Croix’s. Remember when the latter met a human, in 1918, who intimidated even him?

For all its weaknesses, I really liked it and think a really good movie could be made from the basic premise.

I’m not sure what the whole finale – we’ve got ten dollars to do this episode, let’s kill everybody quality of it–just terrible – so terrible it is easily ignored as a wild dream or fantasy of some kind.

The actors really carried this show – their work is what lifted it above cheap effects and sometimes weak plots/writing.

I’m a fan.

It’s out on DVD, thank goodness! It’s under the name “Forever Knight—The Trilogy,” for the three seasons, for some reason.

LaCroix is teh best vampire baddie ever. In a Badass Vampire Cage Match he would find Lestat’s buttons and have him blubbering like a little girl in five minutes flat.

And I loved Nick’s relationship with Natalie. Hollywood: pay attention! You can have amazing sexual tension without the love interest being a bombshell!

I watched it until the last season when they killed off Skanke and brought in that annoying blonde chick. All that girl did was constantly put herself in danger so that Nick would have to rescue her and then she would act like she didn’t need his help because she was a good capable cop. Riiiight. At that point I think I skipped some episodes and just barely caught the finale.

Over all I thought the third season was kind of weak. Jeanette and Schanke were both out of the picture and the show took a bad turn with the introduction of vampire Vachon and Knight’s new partner Vetter. It wasn’t a bad idea to have Vetter/Vachon’s relationship mirror Nick/Natalie’s relationship but it just just ended up being tedious and ultimately didn’t work very well. Then Jeanette returns as a human? Sheesh.

Season 3 did have it’s upside but I think it was pretty clear that the series as a whole was going downhill. I count the series finale of Forever Knight as one of the best series finales off all times.


“He had a power we didn’t need to amplify”

La Croix was great. I do what I want. I have everything I want. I’m so freaking cool and smart I hardly have to do anything for my goals to be accomplished.

There was only one episode I really disliked. A person with multiple personalities is “brought across”. Only one personaliy is a vampire. When anybody else is in control, she’s completely human.

As the SDMB has plenty of folks who played Vampire The Masquerade, there should be plenty of Knight fans.

Can’t answer the OP’s question about Skanke’s death, but I’m another big Knight fan. Nick is the hottest vampire EVAR – yes, even hotter than Angel or Spike. :slight_smile:

Put me down on the list of those who loved the series (hmmm…wonder why I haven’t bought the DVD’s yet?). And I agree with the OP that the finale was a disappointment.

I don’t remember that episode. May have been one I missed. What happeened?

IIRC The captain (A black man, not the Asian woman) is being harrassed by a KKK leader recently released from prison. Nick flashes back to a train ride and a conversation with an art student who draws La Croix. La Croix wants to bring the man across. Nick argues that he would gain nothing from becoming a vampire. La Croix goes to a secluded spot to bite the man. The artist has shaved off his beard and most of his mustache and stands revealed as a young Hitler. La Croix looks in his eyes and is shaken. He decides not to vampirize him, and only asks for him to sign his drawing.

For the idiots in the audience, we see La Croix casually burn the paper signed “Adolf Hitler”. He tells Nick “You were right. He had a power we didn’t need to amplify.”

My favorite part of the episode is a cruel joke directed at the captain. The KKK leader sends him a bouquet with a card “For your wife. I know you’d have picked them yourself if you had the time.” The captain is irate. Nick doesn’t understand. The captain says “They’re cotton flowers.”

Wasn’t the first captain Native American?

Then came the Japanese woman. Last was the black guy.

Back in my college days, I was so into that show it was sad. I was even part of a mailing list that discussed the show. Ah, those were the days.

I also used to have a ginormous crush on LaCroix. He could bring me across any time…

I loved the first two seasons. Only saw a few episodes of the third (last?) season, though, and never saw the finale. Will someone spoil it for me?