Any fans of Slings & Arrows around?

I completely stumbled by accident onto this show this past weekend – found Season 2 in the “free movies” section on my cable hook-up. Watched the first episode and was intrigued. With a quick Google search I found out that Season 1 was running in its (short) entirety on Sunday. DVR-ed it. Watched it over the past two nights. I am blown away. This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen written for television. (Being a playwright skews my opinion somewhat I’m sure, but really… fantastic writing and acting and interesting directing as well. I was impressed how it went from slapstick comedy to genuine drama on a dime.)

Any other fans?

I’m going to watch the rest of Season 2 now (well, not right now, but soon), and I think Season 3 is starting next weekend on the Sundance channel.

My wife and I have seen every episode, and we love it. It’s remarkably offbeat and down-to-earth at the same time. It really is a pleasure to watch.

My favorite scene is from the first episode where the old director is run over by a truck filled with hams. I can laugh just remembering it.

I found it accidentally on Sundance just after the first season aired for the first time. Loved it. Very funny, great characters, well written, and the behind-the-scenes stuff is especially engaging.

I was a little less into season two, for some reason, but I still enjoyed it. I know my sister would love the whole series, but she doesn’t get the Sundance channel, so I guess I’ll have to get her the DVDs as a birthday present or something.

I wonder if we can look forward to a third season?

Season 3 (the final season, apparently) starts this Sunday, February 18 @ 8 p.m. on the Sundance Channel.

We’ve got seasons 1 (“Hamlet”) and 2 (“Macbeth”) on DVD, and we’re very excited about the upcoming “King Lear.”

My favorite line from Lear: “How sharper than a child’s tooth, to have a fangless serpent.”*
*[sub]Yes, I know, it’s a joke. Walt Kelly said it.[/sub]

I’ve just been watching the first season on DVD this week. I love this show!

As a theater major who works part-time at a regional festival very much like the [strike]Stratford[/strike] New Burbage one, during the first season I sometimes wondered if the show’s writers had hidden cameras around our theaters. Everything in the show is spot-on but better! How many times has everyone at work wanted to challenge a bad director to a duel?

I wasn’t as keen on the second season, except for the first episode, which felt like a first-season coda, and the brilliant art vs. commerce conflict set up in the issue with the thrust stage and lost seats.

The third season picked back up fantastically, with some great business with the younger cast members, but I won’t go into detail for fear of spoiling those watching on Sundance. :slight_smile:

“Everybody cries when they’re stabbed! There’s no shame in that!”

I forget how I heard about it, but it’s working its way up my Netflix queue… Been looking forward to seeing Mark McKinney in something else.

So glad to see this discussed here! muzzynyc, I had the same journey as you – spotted Season 2 in my ON DEMAND playlist, went through the whole thing and fell in love, then caught the marathon of Season 1 on Sunday. Unfortunately I came late to the marathon, so only caught the last two eps of the first season. I can’t wait till the third (and sadly final) season to start on Feb 18, woohoo!

I’ve worked at a nonprofit performing arts center, and the desperate pandering gymastics that twist Richard (Mark McKinney) in a knot are such spot-on observations it’s painful. And very, very funny. The combo of smart, ‘behind the scenes’ humor and drama works well, and reminds me of Sports Night in a way. McKinney and the rest of the cast are awesome, particularly Geoffrey (Paul Gross), who’s brilliant, pathetic, sexy, neurotic, sensitive, obnoxious … ah, I just adore him. Never saw Gross in Due South, so he’s new to me. I so get a Matthew Perry vibe from him – sometimes it’s freaky how much they resemble one another, even in acting style.)

Macbeth and Hamlet are favorites, so it was thrilling to watch the productions come together, but I don’t know King Lear very well at all, I blush to admit. Maybe I’d better do some reading before Sunday arrives.


Well, I, as usual, have jumped into fanboy feet first – stopped by the store and picked up both Seasons 1 and 2 on dvd. Going to watch the rest of 2 this week, before Sunday. Happily, the wife is as into as I.

I am a playwright and a member of an Off-Broadway theatre and it rings true from where I’m sitting, as well. Such fantastic character writing. Off to watch some right now!

I love the show. I’ve got the season one DVDs; didn’t know that season two was out on DVD before I opened this thread. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta head on over to Amazon.

“Do they have hash-browns in Canada?”

Due South made me a Paul Gross fan. So I followed his other projects & the projects of others who appeared on the show. Which do intersect, quite a bit. Therefore, I’ve become a fan of Canadian film (on the small screen or the big one.) Why else would I be so happy that Twitch City finally came out on DVD?

So I’m glad to hear that Slings & Arrows will show up on TV down here for another season. And I’ll probably end up buying the whole thing.