Archer (tv show)

The NBC sitcoms get a lot of press on the board, but i think Archer matches up as well as any thursday night “must-see-tv”. Why are all these awesome shows on thursdays? i wouldn’t mind if they dumped a few onto friday, or wednesday, just so i don’t have to sit on my couch for 3-4 hrs in a row.

anyway, Archer is hilarious. the dialogue is witty, and the throwaway lines are phenomenal. go hulu this immediately, if you aren’t already watching it.

I agree, although I don’t like S2 as much as S1 so far. I want more spying hijinks, less office stuff.

this thread is approaching the danger zone



I love the show. My wife sat on the couch working on a project while I watched last night.

She doesn’t get the appeal. But perhaps it loses something when I have to explain why “I think I just did” was a laugh line.

The first two episodes I agreed. But I thought the third was hilarious - might just be that I needed even more sex jokes per minute :p.

My favorite line from this season is when Pam says “I’m only human,” and Archer replies “are you?”

I’m still loving it but i don’t think its as utterly hilarious every single second as it was the first season, and i highly doubt anything can ever match the whole “just the tip!” series of flashbacks from season 1.

I’m watching season 1 right now. I remember watching the first episode last year and really liking it, but then the rest of the series was delayed for a few months and I never picked it up. Finally, I remembered how much I liked the first episode, so I found the rest of the season and have been going through it.

It’s hysterical. I just finished watching the ‘blimp’ episode, and I couldn’t keep myself from laughing uncontrollably through half of it. But it can be very dark and very politically incorrect. I’m fine with that, but I wonder how much of the audience really is?

I also like the visual design of the show. In some ways, it’s almost like those old Hanna Barbara cartoons with the fixed backgrounds, but the stylishness of it all makes it work.

Archer! You shit-ass!

And the repeated “wee baby Seamus” had me laughing.

I love the show.

Thanks to this thread, I laughed out loud for the first time in years watching the Skytanic episode.

It has gotten under my skin.

Something suprised me while I was driving the other day, and I cried out ‘Holy shit snacks!’

He touched my penis with his penis

In the Skytanic episode: “Helium isn’t flammable, won’t don’t you understand about that?”

Archer: “Well, the core concept, obviously.”

I can’t stop reading threads in Archer’s voice, then carelessly dismissing them.

I am a huge fan of this show, and I really feel like it’s clicking well in the second season.

I always love it when Dr. Krieger the scientist shows up, his lines are gold!

“The best part is… he’s learning

Paging Dr. Loggins!

There are so many layers of hilarity to Archer. Standard jokes (the helium!), callbacks (Carol getting off on choking), sight gags (Pam eating an entire crock pot of goulash in the last episode), and literature references (they really love Of Mice and Men) are all present all the time.

The callbacks are brilliant. It took me a week to realize why Ray asking Archer if Mallory’s vibrator was “a slightly darker shade of black” was so funny - it was a callback to the pilot episode, when Archer bought 20 turtlenecks - 10 black, and 10 a slightly darker shade of black.

I love this show! I don’t know if I’ve ever appreciated voice acting so much.

While I’m cackling everyone else in the house seems bemused or horrified so I’m not sure if we’ll see a third season. Here’s hoping though.

Did anyone see last night’s episode, with the ecoterrorist? I think its the best one so far this season. Archer was so thrilled about the airboat. “This must be what it’s like to have sex with me!”

And the whole bit where Pam never knew about the women’s bathroom was hilarious.