Archer Season 4 thread

Archer is asked by Katya to help bring Barry home from the space station.

This is easily my favorite episode of the season, so far. I thought it was the perfect blend of Archer and the office drones. I had to pause the show when Carol/Cheryl freaked out when Pam told her it was opposite day.

Barry and other Barry are going to be in quite the shock when they return home.

What I noticed is they were drawing the hell out of Katya. It was an okay ep, but it loses points for me because they scuppered a chance for some personal growth for Archer and his relationship with Lana.

I thought the first third or so was great, classic Archer.

The second third was okay… by the end I think I was just sorta watching it but not really reacting. Neither Katya or cyborg-Barry ever really did much for me (original flesh-and-blood Barry was a more amusing foil).

Yeah, that conversation between the two of them just kinda… died at soon as Archer got the phone call. Kinda disappointing.

I like cyborg Barry since he’s a real threat, but I agree original Barry was much funnier. I’m hoping Katya finally gets a chance to really shine as a villain after taking over the KGB now.

And much like Krieger, I was excited at the thought of a cyborg battle in which Ray would presumably use some sort of robo-capoeira.

Archer? Personal growth?


They’ve made feints in that direction for most of seasons 3 and 4. Lana convinced him not to let Ray die on Pirate Island for a lacrosse game, and he conceded she was his best friend. She talked him into not doing the Space-Bot v. Cyborg battle. Burt Reynolds and Ron Cadillac have both given him insight into his relationship with his mother. He is Archer so I’d expect set-backs, but at some point this becomes just jerking the audience around if the character doesn’t actually move forward. Unlike my cousin Charlie, there’s only so many times you can pull the football on me.

I think it has been the best episode of the season, which really isn’t saying much.

I tried to watch it a second time, but turned it off. Sigh.

I can’t be bothered to start a new thread for the handful of posts it’ll receive but, ugh, last night’s episode was a dog. Aside from the “make fun of Lana” jokes, I don’t think I cracked a smile more than once or twice.

I’m not opposed to character growth (it’s one of the things I liked about Futurama) but you need to make it funny or touching, not dull and plodding.

Hmm…I actually enjoyed it, but, yeah, it’s not quite up to snuff of the past seasons. For some reason, maybe it’s the linguistic geek in me, I really enjoyed the part where they’re trying to communicate the word for “snake” to the village leader.

The delivery of “How is it the same word for snake, and bread, and Friday, and that DAMN dog?” just killed me.

Cyril’s “snake” drawing was pretty good.

“You can’t tourniquet the taint!”

"But it’s good, right? If my body’s throwing up the poison?”
“It might be. If you had drunk it.”


I thought it was great. Cheryl’s look of glee while destroying Lana, the joke about the dictator naming everything after his dog having a double payout, “you have bionic legs and you lift with your back???”.

“Nor is this heaven, Stirling.”
“Well, obviously, because Janis Joplin isn’t giving me a rimjob.”


Surprised to hear that much praise for it. When it finished, the wife and I just looked at one another and said “Well, that wasn’t very good”.

Glad everyone else seems to have liked it though; better than everyone saying it sucked and the show is terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

The ep seemed to be continuing the theme of the entire season - evolving the characters. Cheryl’s insightful, Lana has an epiphany, and Archer continues to work thru his biggest issues: Mallory, Lana, his missing father, alligators. Weird that drinking isn’t in there. :slight_smile:

There seems to be some vicious coupling of Archer episodes in this thread, as we’ve moved on to talking about 2/20’s ep. Which, by the way, was one of the best this season (and this season has, IMO, been a bit weak–but as a wise man once said, Archer on a bad day is better than any other sitcom out there on its best day).

I’ve asked a mod o change the title to this being the season thread. There hasn’t been enough interest to make a new thread every week.

Nice attention to detail. Young Sterling has a cardboard box Smokey and the Bandit Firebird.

I’m just about to watch the new episode (02/21).

Please let it be good! I need this!