Any fans of the Airport Movies?

I just purchased The Terminal Pack DVD collection of the four Airport movies for the low price of $13.00, a real bargain.

Airport 75
Airport 77
Airport Concorde

Any fans of the series? I must admit a certain fondness for all of them, each one was more over the top than the one before. My favorite moments:

Dean Martin telling Jackie Bisset where the best place is to get an abortion, Sweden.

Shut Down, Joe!!!

Karen Black with crossed eyes with quivering lips as she flies the plane over the mountain.

A 747 turning into a submarine.

The most ridiculous scene in an aviation movie, at supposedly supersonic speeds George Kennedy sticks his hand out the window of the Concorde and fires a flare gun to confuse a heat seeking missiles.

I love Airport. I hate all the rest.

Surely you can’t be serious!

Oh, wait…

You’re not allowed to say that until you’ve seen Starflight, the Plane that Couldn’t Land.

The scene in Airport '75 where the replacement pilot being dropped into the cockpit gets his tether release yanked when it’s caught on some debris and gets sucked out of the plane totally freaked me out.

Same here, and that’s because Airport was based on a real book, and a pretty good one too: Airport by Arthur Hailey.

As I recall, the first one was pretty good. I haven’t seen any of the others.