Anybody Catch Airport75 last Night?

One of the endless cable channels was showing this gem yesterday. I love Karen Black at the controls of Columbia 409. “Look! she’s flying it herself!!” “Climb baby Climb!”

No, but I try to watch it when it’s on. That’s the one with Charlton Heston, who parachutes into the hole in the cockpit?

I love all those 70’s disaster movies - Towering Inferno, Earthquake… Giant casts, lots of cliches!

The original *Airport *film was on television here a couple of weeks ago. My mother and I watched it and were laughing very hard at all of the “good old days” stuff:[spoiler]

  • the complete lack of any security e.g. the nutter bringing the bomb on board in his briefcase, or the Helen Hayes stowaway character being allowed to dash down onto the aeroplane at the last moment without anyone caring;[/spoiler]
  • all the passengers lighting up their cigarettes the moment the plane was in the air;
  • the super competent secretary practically running the airport herself, while mooning after her boss. Nowadays she’d be the CEO.

Check out The High and the Mighty sometime. Therein lies the genesis of all the future Airport (and Airplane for that matter) plot points.

You watched a film where Dean Martin played a heroic, super-competent airline captain and you’re amused by other things???

Is '75 the one with Erik Estrada?

Yes, When the plane was diverted to Salt Lake the flight crew were wondering if they would be lonely tonight, Ponch with a sly smile literally pulls out his black book.

Airport, Crazy guy with a bomb and pregnant stewardess.
Airport75, Cross-eyed stewardess flies the plane.
Airport77, A 747 as a submarine.
Airport79, The Concorde as barnstormer.

The Carol Burnett spoof was funny as hell.