Any flipping Devil dog Jarheads here?

Well, if you’re here, Happy Birthday!


Semper Fi
Who’s the oldest and who’s the youngest?
And who brought cake?

Who has the best story?

I’m not a Marine, I was a Seabee, but I have a Marine story for you.

We were on a 5 day FEX and on day 1 we were setting up the perimeter. The Marines pointed out where we were supposed to dig our fighting holes and I said “How the hell do you do dig a fighting hole?”

So two of them unfold their e-tools and start digging like mad. We stood there and watched them for a good hour as they dug it out and got filthy and sweated their asses off. They climbed out and surveyed their masterpiece, with a built-in ammo shelf and grenade sumps in the corners.

I said “So that’s what they look like, huh?”
“Yep” wheezed one of the exhausted Marines
“Great, I go get the EOs (Equipment Operators) over here with a couple of backhoes and we’ll dig the rest.”

Their jaws dropped, their faces turned even redder, and one says, through gritted teeth, “You assholes have backhoes?

One of my favorite memories!