Screwing with the FNG

Messing with the heads of newly reported sailors is a time honored tradition in the Navy. I was again reminded of this fact earlier this evening.

We recently spent four days in St. Thomas. Asking a young sailor (this is his first underway period) how he enjoyed his liberty ashore, he told me it was OK except he couldn’t take a decent piss after he’d been drinking.
When I asked why, he told me how his chief had let him know that on some of these islands they don’t treat their water as well as we do in the U.S. mainland. Sometimes it is infested with micro-organisms which will swim up your urine stream and give you the “drips.”
“So all night I had to keep pinching and letting go so they couldn’t get into my dick,” he informed me seriously.

I remember the terror of “missing” the mail bouy on my first Mail Bouy Watch aboard the USS Yosemite (AD-19).
“The skipper’s been waiting all day for a letter from his wife and you missed the bouy!”, the bo’sun harangued. The skipper called me up to the bridge. Still wearing the kapok (Mae West) life preserver, sound-powered phone set, andbinoculars around my neck, carrying the grappling hook and 150’ of line, tired after standing the watch for two hours, he reamed me out before letting me in on the “joke” that mail was delivered by helicopter.

Maybe I’ve been to sea too long, but these rites of passage still leave me in stitches.

Do other professions allow you to screw with the FNG? In what ways?

“Now go get me 10 feet of chow line!”

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