Chief Scott a question

I have a buddy that I work with, he was in the navy. I was wondering What rank you are, and what ship you are on. His ship is now in mothballs, I guess its going to be retrofitted.

Oh, Where is my 2 bucks? I have been posting using caps for the last week.

First, it’s ChiefScott not Chief Scott.

I am a Chief Petty Officer (E-7). My rate is Journalist – I’m a public affairs specialist.

If his ship is in “mothballs,” the chances of it being retrofitted are slim and none. Usually the ships of the “mothball fleet” are either sold to foreign navies or turned into razor blades.

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Oh, I’m on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69).

Hey, dont bother with the 2 bucks, buy yourself a beer next time in port.
Oh and the guy I was talking about, he isnt too well versed in the ways of life. I hardly ever know What he is talking about.

He was on the Pellelue or somehting like that.
He was also the only person ever on that ship to steer it 120 degrees off course. (he fell asleep)

I’ll resist the urge to play with words because I think you’re anything but petty Chief.

I once dated a guy on the USS Cushing.

The only reason I remember the name is because he said it was the sound of the shit hitting the fan: cu-SHING!!!

BTW Chief, glad you liked my card! <wink smiliey deleted>

Try the Dictionary of Naval Fighting Ships for more info on your buddy’s ship. This is an amazingly comprehensive list.

Thanks for the site, UncleBeer. I’d been looking for information on my dad’s ship (CLG-5 USS OKLAHOMA CITY).

USS Peleliu (LHA-5) is a Tarawa-class amphibious assault ship, manned by the Navy and used by the Marine Corps. Commissioned in 1980, it has its own website right here, and according to the CO…

Two useful links for those interested in the Navy:

Official Navy fact file – current vessels only.

Warships 1 – current and historical, if a little patchy in places.
Johnny L.A.:

The USS Oklahoma City (CL-91) was a Galveston-class cruiser (non-nuclear), commissioned in December 1944, redesignated CLG-5 in May 1957 and converted to a guided-missile cruiser between then and August 1960, then redesignated again in June 1975. She was decommissioned in December 1979 and sunk as a target of Guam in March 1999 (all from here).