Any free online museums for U.S. currency and railroad ephemera?

I’m interested in seeing old railroad maps and schedules, like what I would have been looking at in 1880 if I wanted to travel from St. Louis to Los Angeles. But virtually without fail, if I google for this type of material, all I get are the websites of people or companies that want to hawk this stuff online. You can’t really view it until you you pay for it and it arrives in the mail. With all the free content on the web, you’d think this material would be available somewhere via browser, since the motivation of someone who just wants to look at something, as if it were on display in a museum, is usually quite different from that of a collector.

And the same is true old currency. Up until five or six years ago, there was a fantastic online gallery of obsolete U.S. banknotes, run by a Dr. Dawn Banks. Not only did she display just about every imaginable denomination and different category of note–like Gold Certificates, National Bank Notes, FRNS, etc., the pictures were of top quality. Every one of could be magnified to show every detail in the note. However, somewhere around 2004 or '05, she abruptly took everything down, saying she couldn’t or wouldn’t maintain it anymore due to time and resource constraints. And now the situation with banknotes is just like railroad ephemera. 99% of the material to be found is either eBay auctions, or other websites that aren’t there to let you look at their specimens, but rather to sell them to you. Here and there around the Internet you can find meager collections of these viewable online, but the pictures are usually small and can’t be zoomed. Usually you can’t read the legal tender and payability clauses, let alone see any other detail.

So, my question is: Does anyone out there know of any decent free online galleries of this type of material?

You might want to search around Google Groups. In the old days Usenet was very active for rail buffs.

Groups like misc.transport.rail or alt.railroad.

There’s probably nothing active anymore but you might get some leads to some old sites which might be active still