Currency Collecting

I’ve been searching off and on for a couple days for any message boards where currency collecting (especially US paper money) is discussed. Other than one section of the Where’s George website, I’ve come up empty-handed.

I’m wondering if anyone here has some resources they can share.

If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize to the Mods… please feel free to move it.


The word you should be looking for is ‘numismatics’ although in general means study of money, it also internationally implies collecting it.

There used to be a beautiful online museum of currency maintained by one Dr. Dawn Banks, but she removed the currency collection a few years ago saying it was too much trouble to maintain. It’s too bad because it was light years better than anything else out there.

In case she ever relents and decides to bring it back, her URL is

Try here:

She’s listed as one of the contributors. I think she may have turned over her material to them.

She did mention having turned over the content somewhere, but if this was it, it was only a fraction of what she used to show. She had pretty good commentary, too. She must have had over 100 examples; there were styles of currency I’d never even heard of–for example “coin notes”, that had a picture, on the reverse, of $280-odd in gold and silver coins. Her graphics were much bigger and better than any of these.

There’s that many examples there, and large images. They’ve just arranged it so that you have to navigate through a lot of links to get to them:

Try “browse the gallery by category” - it works better.

Also, some of the content appears to require registration now (which I’m not).