Any games with nuclear apocalypse, but without monsters?

If a nuclear war happened, I doubt that we would have to worry about monsters, but all games that are “nuclear themed” have them, Metro, fallout, Stalker, is there any game that is perhaps a survival game or something set in nuclear winter, but without unrealistic creatures?

This War of Mine is a war-time survival game without monsters. May not have been a nuclear war though.

There’s Nuclear Dawn but that’s PvP so probably not what you’re looking for.

There’s Atom RPG but that still has giant bugs among its wolves and bears and stuff. Still, maybe less egregious than Deathclaws, Nosalis or Snorks and acceptable given the lack of options. I’m just going off the store page and screenshots since the game just came out – can’t promise that there’s not a secret mutant gibbon or anything in the game.

By in large, I think mutant monsters are just part and parcel of the post-nuclear apocalypse genre.

There was a Mad Max open world game. I never played it but the movies didn’t have monsters so the game might not.

You can create your own nuclear apocalypse in the Civilization games. No monsters ever appear.

Sheltered doesn’t have any monsters that I know of (Besides humans, I suppose.), but there are screenshots of characters fighting bears and wolves so I don’t know where that falls on your scale.

Yeah, you can create your own nuclear apocalypse in a lot of games. Though to be fair, some of them already have monsters even before you start lobbing nukes around.

No monsters, just a few really big dudes (think “Blaster” from Thunderdome). The game is basically the Borderlands series set in post-apocalyptic Australia and serves as a prequel to Fury Road.

I second This War of Mine.
The Long Dark is arguably the most realistic survival game there is. You spend most of your time trying to stave off death from cold, starvation, thirst and wildlife attacks. Its atmosphere is both bleak and beautiful.

I found myself thinking in ways I wasn’t used to when playing a game e.g.: “I better do some reading of manuals while there’s still light then turn on the stove to boil water, make coffee and cook some meat for tomorrow. That’ll leave me enough time to sleep until a few hours after sunrise. No point going out early in the morning though because it’s too cold. If there’s a blizzard that limits visibility, it’ll be too risky to go out so I could fix up my clothes instead of exploring”. All of these things might seem petty but those who’ve played the game will know how important they are.

I remember travelling at night and getting lost, being disappointed and slightly horrified that I was going around in circles. Then a long and very cold storm hit and I had to make a snow shelter and try to make the most of it by sleeping through it. Playing it feels about as real as a game can.

Mad Max has the worst monsters of all… MANKIND ITSELF!!!

But seriously, no monsters or mutants or anything, just crazy physco rapist cannibals in spiky cars.

Some would say the you play AS the monster…

*Convoy *is sort of post-apocalypty. No monsters so far, just a whole bunch of asshats in death trucks killing me over and over :).

Thea:The Awakening is sort of unique in that it’s a post-apo set in a fantasy world to begin with - so you’ve got your orcs and dragons and skellingtons and so forth, but they were also there before the world blew up (no nuke there - god killing).

I think it was loosely based on the siege of Sarajevo.

Yeah, the setting for This War of Mine is a central European civil war. It’s about being a regular person surviving in a war zone, not post-apocalyptic. Which isn’t to say that the OP couldn’t enjoy it.

Mad Max is a great choice and probably closest to what the OP is after if his examples were Metro, Stalker & Fallout. Only downside is that it has little in the way of ruins exploration in the same way that you might explore an old hospital or school in the other games.

There is a DOS game called Twilight 2000, based on the eponymous tabletop RPG and set in post-apocalyptic Poland. Plenty of opportunities to explore ruins (the very first mission is always in a hospital) and I never saw any mutated wildlife.

I thought of Twilight: 2000 (don’t remember if I ever played the computer game but I had/played the RPG) but I think it’s abandonware these days and the copies on eBay are on 5.25" floppies. Even if you “found” a copy, you’d probably need to run a DOS-Box and throttle your CPU speed to play it. Too bad GOG hasn’t picked it up to convert and sell.

There was a game published about 40 years ago called After the Holocaust, which dealt with North America being divided into four separate regional governments 20 years after a full nuclear strike.

And you can get it right now in the Humble Monthly for $12 along with Quantum Break, Dawn of War III and six games to be announced.

Re: The Long Dark

This reminded me that I signed up for Humble Monthly a couple months ago and I hadn’t yet checked this month’s games.

And then The Long Dark ate my weekend like a wolf gnawing on a frozen deer.

TLD does have a tendency to suck you in for hours in a way that’s reminiscent of Civilization games.

What was your experience like over the weekend?