Any good reason to keep Pelosi as speaker?

Been in DC since 87 and she’s 80. Time for some new blood. It would be interesting if a non house member was speaker since no law says the speaker must be a house member. In the UK the speaker is not a member of any party and only votes to break ties like our VP.

The speaker being a member of the House is a norm, and right now the United States wants to hold onto the norms that are left.

I consider Pelosi to be a good legislative leader, especially given the battles over Obamacare. Getting single-payer through wasn’t possible, so she got what she could through, and came up with a good tactic when the Senate locked up. Having said that, maybe now we can say “what have you done for me lately?”

I wouldn’t consider getting rid of her unless you have a replacement in mind. “New blood” is not a good thing in of itself.

there are plenty of good speaker candidates. Tim Ryan of Ohio is one.

I don’t disqualify her because she’s “been in D.C.” for a long time. So has Biden. Experience isn’t a bad thing. She certainly has skills that match her responsibilities.

But I am willing to entertain the idea that someone more effective or dynamic might be fun. I go back and forth between 1) being really impressed with her and 2) being somewhat left flat by her actions. But as Kimera757 says, it depends on who you have in mind. I think she has a lot of loyalty in the House, though, and may very well get another term.

I have this feeling that Washington , Adams, Jefferson ,etc never imagined people in DC for 30, 40 years. And yes I know they did not put term limits in the law or constitution. Maybe because back then many people died younger due to lack of good medical care.

“Do not make the mistake of an artisan who claims twenty years of experience, when what he has is one year repeated twenty times.” --Japanese proverb.

I’m sure that’s true.

They never imagined a lot of things. Not their fault though. I couldn’t have predicted the iPhone 25 years ago.

Our federal government is much different now than in 1789. Citizen legislators aren’t incapable of doing the job, but there is also a role for elder statesmen and women.

Long experience in Washington wasn’t unheard of in the early days:

Henry Clay was in the US House and Senate on and off from 1811 to 1852
John Quincy Adams was “in Washington” as Senator, Secretary of State, President and House member from 1803 to 1849.

I’m sure there were others.

On July 4, 1826, at the age of 90, Adams lay on his deathbed while the country celebrated Independence Day. His last words were, “Thomas Jefferson still survives.” He was mistaken: Jefferson had died five hours earlier at Monticello at the age of 83.

I don’t mind them being in DC full time , that is needed. But they don’t need to be there decades.

One of my big problems with Biden is he never really had a non political job. Glad he won, but he was my last choice.

Washington declined to run for a 3rd time and that was the norm until FDR came along.

Yes long ago some people lived long. Especially people with wealth. Overall life expectancy for white males in 1776 was 38.

Would you object to a doctor that never really had a non-medical job?

Please, explain exactly what that means.

A Dr is supposed to practice medicine and be an expert in that field. They are not typically making big decisions on spending, foreign policy, laws, etc. Really bad example. Same is true for engineer, lawyer, dentist, carpenter, plumber etc.

I don’t necessarily see the need for “new blood” if she is good at what she does, just for new blood’s sake. I hear she is a political mastermind. Not knowing how to judge this myself, I would just say if she is, keep her. Why changes horses when you are about to begin crossing a new stream?

if she is a master where is another stimulus bill? I know Trump is a mentally ill moron but he did go for the 1st one.

As I don’t know if she is good at being Speaker, I probably shouldn’t have even answered. But certainly if one thinks she isn’t, then can her!

Two years ago, after much talk, no other viable candidate stepped up. I think she’s made two critical mistakes. First, appointing that smarmy Schiff to prosecute Trump. We needed a hardboiled prosecutor and he gave us coddled eggs. Second, not compromising on a new Covid stimulus bill before the election. I think House and Senate seats were lost because of that failure. It ran counter to the idea that Democrats would stand up for the people in a critical situation like this.

But find someone who can do the job better. Surely we’ve seen the evidence now that change for the sake of change is a dangerous game.

I’d like to keep her because I think she’s a great legislator, a master vote-whipper, and the best Speaker of my lifetime, if not longer.

I had to look her age up. Wow, she really is 80! You go, girl!

No matter who was the prosecutor Trump was not being kicked out of office The trial was a joke with no witnesses

Seth Moulton will support Pelosi. This will be Pelosi’s last term but there won’t be a serious rebellion except on lefty Twitter.