Any Good Spanish Metal? (Rock)

I’ve been listening to different kinds of metal/rock, and it’d be good to get some suggestions for Spanish metal bands.

Not sure about metal per se, but there is a Spanish band (not sure from where – mayvbe Spain? Mexico? Argentina") called (IIRC) Apocalipsis which plays Mettalica songs in a classical string quartet format.

Not exactly what you had in mind, I’m sure! But if you can find an Apocalipsis fan (or swebsite?), they’ll give you the scoop on the real stuff.

Oops – make that Apocaliptica.

Their website (may have links to what you’re after):

Oops again – turns out my Mexican friends are wrong, Apocalyptica is actually from Finland! So just ignore me. Sorry.

I’m looking for something like how Rammstein is German, and Gackt and Miyavi are Japanese. That type of music style.

Hmm… closest I know is Molotov, from Mexico. You could also try Puya, from Puerto Rico. I know there must be other bands in that genre in Spanish, but it’s been a while since I was fully up to date in that area.

I know many rock/pop rock/moody rock bands/singers, but right now… metal metal, those are the two I can think come the closest.

Also, some of Robi (Draco) Rosa’s composition may fall under the metal umbrella, but not all. His songs tend to be dark and moody, though I think he has a few in Vagabundo where he is screeching and yelling.

I just remembered a metal band from Mexico – a friend down there claims that they rock. They are called Rata Blanca, meaning “White Rat”.

Molotov was mentioned. They’re good, but their biggest hit has homophobic lyrics, so I wouldn’t go there if I were you.

Here’s a Rata Blanca website:

It’s in Spanish, but you can see from their album covers that they’re definitely what you’re looking for. Unless by “Spanish” you meant “from Spain” – because it turns out that Rata Blanca is from Argentina (though, as I said, popular throughout Latin America, including Mexico).

I’m curious Kelly, which hit? Molotov has had a few, and from what I can remember of the lyrics, they were not homophobic.

Offensive? Yes, sure… homophobic… not sure.

At least when I was down there (1996 to 2004, off and on), their biggest hit was called “Puto” – which means (at least in Mexico) “faggot”. The chorus includes the line “kill the queer” (quuer = marecon", IIRC.

Yeow… I like the Rata Blanca suggestion. I’ll check them out.

Sepultura is from Brazil. Not quite what you’re looking for I know, but it’s close, and they’re a pretty kick-ass metal band anyway.

I’m kinda surprised that no one has mentioned Brujeria yet, as they’re pretty famous. I’d recommend Brujerizmo as a starting point, and if you’re looking for a good laugh, pick up their Marijuana EP.

Here’s some info about Puya .

Yea, I remember Puto… See, that word for me does not mean queer, so that meaning was lost on me. :wink: I do remember the words “matarile al maricón”, but then, I’ve heard that word used to call someone a coward.

The song is offensive, in the way that it used words used to call gays to insult cowards, but not in the way that it is advocating violence to gays. At least that’s what I took from it, and how another friend (who heard Molotov far more than I did) also got it.

And it’s just one song from their first album, and they’ve had other hits since then.