La Hispanica is embracing hard rock? <cool !!!>

So I go into the local semigrocerystore to collect on a sixpack and some cheese for my evening alone (‘tis an arrangement with the girlfriend. I get midweeks off, as does she, from each other, alternating months, so I’m in my own place), and this establishment is Harlem-nuanced Hispanic and the usual music is that fast-rhythm’ed trumpet- centric stuff, you know? Not tonight. Serious kickass caterwaulin’ and some rather stimulating riffs on the old guitar and ka-bam ka-bam ka-bamWHAP and damn if I aint’ dancin’ in the aisles and I’m WANTING THIS ALBUM and the vocals are in Spanish! {No, sorry, I was unable to get artist name or even station}

Quick Clue: vocalist is male. It ain’t Julieta Venegas. I’m already hip to Julieta. Oh yeah and then some. Julieta rock me. But this is someone else. This, whoever it is, and getting played on the radio station to which the foodmarket radio is attuned, following up on the Julieta thingie, is making me wonder, with serious anticipations:

has hard rock found a new ground in which to germinate and flower?

Los Fabulosa Cadillacs? They’re the only rocking band who sing in Spanish that I know.

There are different (hard) rock bands in Spanish.

Maná- more normal rock


Los Rabanes- More ska based, like Los Fabulosos Cadillacs


Café Tacuba

Of these, the ones that usually sound more hard rock are Molotov and Puya.

I’m only including those that I know (I’ve heard). I’m sure there are more bands(and I’m probably forgetting someone), probably some that are only known in their country. And many small bands exist in every Latin American country, that play in the clubs and bars.