Any have a self-hosted wordpress blog?

Is it quick to update when you make changes to layout? Do you have the ‘Jetpack’ enabled?

I enabled the jetpack today and added the twitter feed widget. It takes FOREVER to update with new tweets. Even if I ctrl-f5 and/or clear the browser cache. In fact - even if I load the blog for the first time on a computer it’s never been loaded on!

I also changed the tagline from the default “Just another wordpress blog”. That didn’t change for ages (like an hour) on the logged-out version of the blog. It’d show up when I was logged in as admin viewing the blog homepage, but logged out it wouldn’t show up.

Same for the ‘share’ options. they didn’t show up for ages.
Anyone else experience the same sluggishness with their self-hosted wp blog?

All other aspects of my website are fine. Updates to the database are instant.

I recently moved our company’s Wordpress blog from third party to self hosting. All updates we’ve done take effect immediately, whether it’s making a post, adding a widget, or whatever. Are you viewing the site from behind a caching proxy of any sort?

I’m guessing you either have a caching plugin installed or your host does it’s own caching.

What fubbleskag said.

With caching turned off, changes should be instantaneous. The twitter feed widget (I don’t know which one your using) might have its own issues with how many times it is set to ping Twitter to look for new tweets.

FTR, I have a self-hosted WordPress blog with no caching and no jetpack.

I had cacheing on. I’ve turned it off now. I think the twitter widget has it’s own issues as you suggested. I’ve seen other people on the internet with similar issues. I might just disable it.

I’m guessing the cacheing only comes into its own when a blog is getting thousands of hits per day. I guess I’m not likely to need cacheing for a while :frowning: