Any Help For a Broken Xbox

this is relatively new xbox about 6 months old, unmodded. was working fine til yesterday when it would turn on and do nothing no audio, video or sound. just a solid green light. when i press the eject button it starts flashing green. i turned it off and on and problem went away , til today. same thing except turning it off and on again does not help. i switched dvd drives with my second xbox , but no go the dvd drives (both of them) work fine in the second xbox. i can hear the hard drive spinning up and the dvd drive makes a sound as if it is trying to eject. if i eject manually it closes smoothly when i press the eject button. it tried the second’s hdd in the broken one and just got an error 6. any ideas i tried searching ,but all i get is maybe a bad eeprom or power supply, but no definite answers. it would be great if i could revive this one as it has all my steel battalion saves and most precious of all my DOAXBV saves one with all the swimsuits! i don’t want to replay that again.

I seems that it is still within warranty period. Take it back for replacement or repair. Don’t try to mess with it yourself and void the warranty.

Well, since he’s been swapping the hard disks and dvd drives, he’s already broken the seal voided the warranty.

eno801, have you tried ?

warranty is only 3 months and i already voided the warranty by opening it. seems if i had called customer support and extended my warranty for 1 year for $30 then called next day or even next hour and said it was broken they would of fixed it for free. as it is i called and reported the problem they said sorry out of warranty it wil be $98 plus shipping to fix. hell it only costs $129-39 new if you find a sale which isn’t too hard.

yeah i actually posted this same message there not a few minutes ago. i searched the forums and faqs ,but no answers for the green only light. there are answers for green/red, green/orange, green, green, green,red (also know as christmas lights) but no solid green then flashing green

Error 06 kernel Cannot unlock HDD

Have you moved HD’s around with different system? I seem to recall having this problem once or twice when I did that, before I knew about incompatible kernels in the xbox and stuff…

well this was when i put the broken xbox’s hdd into the working one to see if i could access my saves. i figure since the hdd’s where different one seagate the other western digital might have something to do with it.

If Microsoft is like Sony, then attempted self-repair on your XBox will not just void your warranty, but any repairs at all. Sony would charge a diagnostic fee of about $30, see that the unit had been tampered with, and send it back. Customer Support tells callers about this policy, but sometimes people send stuff in without calling first, and then they get pissed off.

  • sturmhauke, former PlayStation tech support dude

well i was not planning on sending it in anyway last xbox i had which i finally trade in for this one plus $70 i ended up sending it in 3 times and they never fixed the problem which was the thompson dvd drive. they replaced my hard drive, etc. but never the thing that was causing the dde’s . thing is the xbox is my favorite console and 2 out of 3 have been dead in about 8-12 months.

The manufacturer of the HDD has nothing to do with compatibility. To be able to use a HDD from one Xbox to another, it must be unlocked, via modding the Xbox. And to access it from a PC, you’ll need the encryption key password (again from modding) to unlock it with utils found at Check them out and post your question there. It is a very resourceful site for Xbox diagnosing and modding.

Given that you all ready busted the seal, it’s usually best to just buy a new xbox than to repair it through Microsoft (the cost for them to do it is like $20 bucks away from a new one). I’d rather ship my Xbox to an experienced modder at Xbox-scene then to Microsoft, even if it were under warranty! Good luck man.