Any Human-Computer-Interaction/User Experience people out there?

I’m curious–is there anyone who works in HCI/User Experience and would be happy to share details of their job/education? I’m a college student majoring Information Science; I’m really interested in getting involved more with HCI/User Experience, and am seriously considering positions in the field as career prospects some day.

Do you have any advice for getting from a bachelor’s degree to the working world? Is grad school worth it, such asGeorgia Tech’s HCI program? Or is it all right to try to just scout out jobs in various areas fresh out of my undergrad? Any particular skills that it would be excellent to have under my belt?

I’ve taken a course in user experience design, which was very awesome. I loved wireframing, but I know there’s so much more to all of this than only that. I’m trying to put some feelers out there for internships, but it’s been tricky. I’m more of a web coding person than back-end (I’ve had bad experiences with Java, but like HTML and CSS thus far, and I’m about to pick up some JavaScript in another course). It’s like I’m not sure where I should start with learning everything, exactly.

Thanks in advance!