Any idea what weapons were being fired in this SWAT assault in Florida?

See subject. Video here.

As a side note, I also found it odd that the window wasn’t breached, or at least covered. But I wasn’t on the ground making decisions, thankfully.

Generally, entry teams use the HK MP-5 in 9mm. Many use the M-4 pattern AR for familiarity to veterans and for better “knock-down” power.

One or more team members will use a short-barreled shotgun as needed.

When I was doing this for a living, I preferred an HK-51 for a little extra “oomph”.

It all depends on the department and what they’re issued. This one sounds like .223, but I can’t be sure.

Cool! Any interest in doing an “Ask the _______” thread?

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Not anymore.

The environment here - with some exceptions - seems to lean rather anti gun and anti Law Enforcement.

Although I spent a few years in law enforcement, I never successfully tickled anyone into custody or shot a gun out of someone’s hand in a darkened apartment while they and I were moving, just to avoid hurting them. That’s what people seem to want.

No one is interested in what dangers cops really face. They bake brownies for firemen, but curse cops if they get a speeding ticket. Folks can name the latest American Idol, but who can name a cop killed in your state in the last 12 months?

My friend Stepwas killed 7 years ago yesterday, and I can still see him right now.
How many of you expressed outrage when that happened?

No, this place is about as liberal as Berkley most days. I’ll pass.

Can you name a taxi driver, store clerk, farmer, fisherman, or logger that was killed in the last 12 months?

Fair enough, and I certainly understand your reluctance to put yourself in the hot seat in this type of environment, but please know that my personal interest in such a thread stemmed from my deep appreciation and respect for what you and your colleagues do. Please accept my condolences for the loss of your friend.

That’s really unfortunate - but I can’t say I blame you.

As I’ve said before I consider myself, politically, to be about a half-inch to the right of West but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-cop.

I’ve met some dickhead cops and some very cool cops. I’ve met the bully type cop, the incompetent cop and the credit-to-the-force cop. The same can be said of people in any job. Cops just get more heat because of their authority, perceived invincibility in court and media coverage. Ooo, and paranoia…can’t forget paranoia.

I would have found an “ask the SWAT guy” thread fascinating. But I guess the well has been thoroughly poisoned.

One question though; your link to your “friend Step” goes to a page about a multiple rapist / murderer and the details of his crimes and execution. I’m assuming this isn’t the man you mean and that I’m being whooshed - but can you clarify for me please?

Wow. That’s embarrassing. I was looking at folks I had caught on a different tab.
Step certainly deserves better than my inattention to detail. He and his wife were coming over on Saturday for a party. Instead it became a bad time for a lot of people.

Believe me, I’ve met more asshole cops than anyone. Unfortunately, they’re the ones who stand out, and make everyone hate cops.

Just as the news never reports the hundreds of millions of passenger-miles flown safely around the world, but gives us non-stop speculation on the occasional plane crash, no one thinks about the millions of positive interactions and criminals caught by cops. Just the occasional incident that reflects negatively on the rest.

To be clear, I was not a SWAT team member. I was on a fugitive squad for my department. We would travel state-wide or more to track down escapees and other fugitives who wished not to be bothered. Mostly murderers, rapists, and robbers. The most violent, hateful, not-going-back motherfuckers on the planet. We rarely had the luxury of waiting for SWAT before heading into the unknown.

While I never wanted medals or award dinners, what I did - and what cops do every day- doesn’t deserve the disdain or disrespect that is the default position of far too many people today.

Agreeing with this. It’s hard to tell from outside the building and across the street, but just going by numbers it’s some flavor of 9mm submachine gun or M16/M4-type 5.56mm rifle.

Whatever caliber, it’s fast/many guns firing single shots; both the MP5 and M4 run a lot faster than that on full auto/burst. Full auto sounds like a chainsaw revving – “BRRP”

That crack/snap sound at 14 seconds is either a sniper with a heavy .30-caliber rifle (7.62mm/.308) near the camera or a 5.56 bullet coming through a window and passing over the cameraman’s head – it’s definitely the sonic boom of a rifle bullet passing by, as opposed to the “bam” of the gunpowder you hear before that.

Somewhat related anecdote: when my dad was in Vietnam, he could always tell by the sound who was shooting in the distance. The M16, with its tiny bullet and big powder charge, makes a “pop” sound, and the AK-47/SKS with a big bullet and relatively small charge is more of a “crack”. And the Browning .50 is the voice of God, with a slow bass “BOOMP BOOMP BOOMP BOOMP”