Any idea what's wrong with my computer (and how I should fix it?)

For the past two days I haven’t been able to use my home computer for more than a few minutes and I haven’t been able to get onto the I’net through it at all. When I log-on (to the PC, not the I’net) I get the following message:

After being on a few minutes I usually get the following message (even if I haven’t tried to use the I’net):

I am assuming I’ve picked up a virus of some sort. I do not currently have Norton. Has anybody else encountered this, and are there any products on the market which may help remedy it?

Thanks for any info.

That sounds like the old Blaster Worm. First, go here for a removal tool and instructions. Then go get the free Zonealarm firewall, to prevent reinfection.

Look here.

It’s a virus. You can boot into Safe Mode then restore to a good restore point, apparently. If not, you’ll have to use your Windoze CD to restore the Registry.

Did someone steal our sticky? The one appropriately named:

Have a computer question? Read this first.

Nope. It’s still there. Complete with copius quantities of useful information. Go nuts, Sampiro. :slight_smile: