Any interest in a Fantasy Baseball roto league with auction draft?

Well, Yahoo’s Fantasy Baseball 2011 has just opened up, and i was wondering if there might be any interest in a roto league with an auction draft?

I have a couple of fantasy leagues that i play in each year, but both are regular snake drafts, and i really like the idea of having a go at an auction draft. I did my first auction draft in fantasy football this season, and i enjoyed it, even though my performance wasn’t very good. But i now have a better sense of what auction drafts are all about, and i’m also far more knowledgeable (i think) about baseball players than i am about football players.

Apart from the auction draft thing, my thought was to have a roto rather than a head-to-head league. It would probably be a full MLB league (rather than just AL or NL), and i’d be happy to have a discussion about what categories to use for scoring.

So, is anyone interested? I’d be happy to set it up and act as organizer/commissioner.

Yes, I would definitely be interested. I’d want at least 12 teams, and most definitely agree that it needs to be roto. I’d prefer to go with OBP instead of AVG, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

I’d be interested. Auctions take longer so I’d prefer a weekend draft if at all possible


Yahoo just opened up their fantasy mock drafts this morning. They have mock auction drafts if anyone is looking to get the feel of how an auction draft works for baseball.

That all sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I’ll see how many responses we get here in the next day or so, and if it looks like we’ll get enough for a league, we can get into some more specifics.

I’d definitely be interested.

I’d like to join.

I’m interested, but I’m an AL only guy. If you can’t get enough for a mixed league and have resort to AL only - I’m in.

I’d be interested - I’ve never done an auction draft before.

I’d be interested if anyone would be willing to teach a newbie how to play.

faithfool - the SDMB is the perfect place to learn. It’s where I joined my first fantasy baseball league 10 years ago. It was 15 teams (very large), had quite different categories than you find standard rankings in, and I won.

However, I worked my ass off that year on that team, and caught a lot of breaks. I’ll try to dig up some links tonight or tomorrow to threads that go over the basics. I’m sure that ESPN also has a (free) draft kit. Here’s Yahoo’s main page. There is a lot of good info there, including their top 100, and top 20 or so by position.

I highly suggest doing some mock drafts. If you want to join one together, I’ll be doing a lot of mocking (it’s a lot of fun), and we can go over your drafts. It’s been a few years, but I used to have a part time job writing fantasy baseball web articles - so I can at least pretend to know what I’m talking about.

Shall I bring up the elephant?

What about the regular SDMB league? After my best-ever finish in fantasy baseball in that league last year, I’m really rarin’ to go!

I mean, I still want to try an auction league. And I’d be interested in trying some mock drafts, as well. But the regular SDMB roto league has been one of the fixtures of my year for almost the last decade.

Alright - I managed to dig up just one solid link. It’s probably best if you’re serious about this to start up a new thread and ask specific questions. Or send me a PM or e-mail.

Yeah, I’ll get to starting that league up by the weekend. I’ve commissioned it the last few years, so it’s easy for me to restart - but I’m willing to let someone else run it if they really want.

Well, i assumed that the regular league would be run as usual, and that this league would be an addition.

Part of the reason that i proposed this league is that i’ve never been involved in the SDMB league before, because there never seems to be a space. Also, because i wanted an auction draft.

By my count, we have 8 people interested in the league as proposed in my OP. I’ll wait a few more days, and i might send out a few PMs to people who like to discuss baseball on these boards to see if we can get some more.

Like Munch, i think we need at least 12 teams. More teams make the league more interesting. Also, too few means that everyone ends up with a team of superstars, and fantasy is more interesting, i think, when you have to deal with some of the league’s more marginal players.

There’s always room in the big league, mhendo. I think we’ve only hit the 20-player cap just once.

We have plenty of time to get to 12 teams here.

Only if the scoring rules reasonably approximate the values in actual baseball. I’ve never felt like doing something like this simply because it becomes a freak show version of the real sport. I’m not sure how defense could figure into it, but that would also be a plus.

There’s always the option of running the teams in a sim like Diamond Mind…

Well this is something i’m happy for us all to have a discussion about.

For example, it seems to me that Munch’s preference for OBP over AVG goes some way toward the sort of thing you want. Maybe you can provide a sense of what stats and rules you think would be appropriate.

One thing i’ve always been critical of is the straightforward Stolen Bases stat. One league i was in last year used Net Stolen Bases, which is Steals minus Caught Stealing. That’s better, in my opinion, although perhaps still not perfect. Similarly, i’ve always been a heavy critic of the Wins stat in evaluating pitchers, because it clearly favors pitchers on teams with strong offenses.

I think it’s worth remembering, though, that Fantasy Baseball is a game, ad not actual baseball. I’m happy to discuss Win Shares and VORP and SIERA with anyone who wants to talk, but i think there’s also fun to be had in using some of the “traditional” stats in a fantasy league. While Steals might not be anywhere near as important as OBP or SLG or HR in determining a player’s offensive value, part of the fun of picking a fantasy team is working out how to balance the various stats on your team, and evaluating whether your next pick should be a guy who can actually add to your OBP and SLG, or Juan Pierre. :slight_smile:

Anyway, opinions on this issue welcome from all potential participants.

I’d be interested if the settings discouraged pitcher streaming.