Any jihadists among Muslim-Americans?

I’m not talking about the occasional terrorist cell that crops up. Is there some organized movement in the US calling on Muslims to struggle–not necceessarily violently–against some aspect of American society? At very least Islamic clergy denouncing from the culture from the pulpit, but not just “stay away from the corruptive influence” but rather, “fight to overthrow it”.

Who knows for sure! :cool:

Some? Sure, people are people. I think you want to know if any are “serious.” Not really, but at the right moment, with the right opportunity, with the wind blowing just the right way, almost any group can become dangerous.

Why wouldn’t there be?

It’s foolish to assume that, once Muslims have adopted Western dress and developed a taste for Western pop culture, they lose all interest in jihad.

Indeed, in England, many of the young Muslims who’ve committed the worst atrocities were kids who were born in Britain and SEEMED like ordinary British kids in most respects.

Their neighbors were in shock, saying, “But… but he ate fish and chips. He wore blue jeans. He liked cricket. How could HE have been one of THEM?”

Why would we expect things to be different here?

Here… you need this classic resource…

Just substitute “jihadist” for “communist.”
Where’s HUAC when you need 'em?

There’s the Progressive Muslim Union

The co-founder of the group supports gay marriage.
There’s CAIR

They supported the Congressman who took the oath of office with a Koran instead of a Bible.

Well then, what are we doing just sitting here? :rolleyes:

What I’m looking for–if not crowds of people chanting “death to America”–is a speech by an imman or a leaflet or something echoing the jihadists sentiments emanating from the Middle East or the culture-war sentiments from some of the more vociferous evangelical ministries. (Although unlike the latter, they can’t urge their followers to “take back” America, you know what I mean.)

…Or any advocacy of sharia law.

Sorry, knew it wasn’t “Serious Injury to America” but they do run counter to many views of the effeminate elite right. :wink:

There are the usual “Jews are the root of all evil in the world” discussions but they are never part of the sermons. In fact that view is why I pretty much stopped attending Jumu’ah. So an up to date undercover report of dissidence is not possible.

Not likely, especially given the popular climate towards Islam. Even Christians publish in code words like, “Regent’s University.”

There is a lot more to the CAIR story than that. This isn’t GD and I don’t feel like getting into if it is true or not but CAIR has been accused of having ties to Hamas and other organisations or at the very least funneling charitable donations to proterrorist groups.

I guess somebody should say something about the misuse of the term “jihad”. It has more than one meaning; the primary meaning has to do with a Muslim conquering his own vices (arrogance, envy, selfishness, etc.) and living a virtuous life. Ideally, every Muslim should be practicing jihad, just as every Christian should be turning the other cheek and helping anybody who needs help.

A better way to put it might be: Are there any radical militant Muslim-American groups operating openly?

Fair enough. Although when I hear Mideast Muslims call for “jihad against America” I don’t think they’re offering to give us a makeover.

Whenever you see the word “jihad”, try replacing it with the word “crusade” and vice versa. I remember “Campus Crusade for Christ” from college. What would your reaction be to “Campus Jihad for Muhammad”?

Better yet, remind Muslims the “jihad” means “crusade” and see how they react.

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