Any Men Who Routinely Get Shave From A Barber?

I’ve paid for this about twice and it’s fine, maybe I’d do it before a really formal occasion, but at $10 or more a go, and with the 10-15 minutes it takes (IIRC), it’s not something that would be part of a regular (daily??) routine for me. I gather that before safety razors some guys did do this on a regular/semi-regular basis.

Anyone here?

My barber shop (yes, I go to an old-school barber shop) quit offering shaves at least 10 years ago, although the barbers still do it as a personal favor to regular customers who’ve had a stroke or something that makes it difficult for them to shave themselves. Even before that, the barbers had switched to disposable blades when the Health Department started making noises about requiring them to sterilize their straight razors between customers. Both the barbers and the customers decided it just wasn’t the same.

The barber shop in Tokyo I’ve been frequenting for the past 15+ years offers shaving (with a straight razor) as a standard service with the haircut or an as option. I visit every 3-4 weeks to get my hair trimmed and get a nice smooth shave along with eyebrow and forehead clean-up. Oh yes, they also shampoo your hair and give you a quick scalp and shoulder massage. All for around US$18.00!

Yep, I’m a female, and when I got my hair cut in Japan depending on the place, the guy would pull out a straight razor to shave my face. When I protested in alarm the first time he explained that people have fuzz all over their face. Maybe if I was a Japanese female with dark fuzz and a desire to appear pale it would be an appreciated service… I just sat VERY STILL in the chair until he was done and I was fuzzless.

Just got one a few weeks ago actually.

I used to get one every time I went to a regular hair place. Problem is, the $18 service that JpnDude mentions is up to $38! No thank you.

Then I heard an old school barber shop in town still did straight razor shaves and I’ve always wanted one. Went and had it done. Still cost $32. :frowning: It was fun for the novelty and pampering, but it was expensive and the shave was just so-so.

So I agree. Maybe fun once in a while, but definitely not worth the money on a regular basis.

I get one every month when I wear my beard (I go beardless during summer).
Straightrazor with a disposalbe “edge” although there is a initial trim with an electric razor.

My husband has one about once a month. His barber uses a straight razor. They have diposable blades for them now. They are just as sharp as the old ones.

His barber takes about 30 minutes to do the whole thing. He shaves twice, between hot towels , massage and skin conditioning.

I’m bearded now, but when I wasn’t, I’d occasionally treat myself to a straight razor shave from my barber. I’ve since moved cities, but when I’m back in my home town, I always make time to visit him. He trims my beard and hair, but if I get rid of my beard by the next time I visit, I’ll get another straight razor shave from him. It’s pricey, but he does it well, and as a once-in-a-while treat, it’s worth it.