Any more DLC for Red Dead Redemption on the radar?

I honestly can’t remember the last video game I played to completion, but I didn’t just finish Red Dead Redemption, I played Undead Nightmare (and I don’t like zombies!) I even went back and finished all the stranger quests! (Well, okay, I want to see the dude’s airplane fly but finding beavers is a pain in the balls.) I was upset at the ending!

In other words, I need more. Will I get more? When will I get more?

So… no?

I haven’t heard of any, but I felt bad because you were the only one in the thread. I’m in the same boat. I’m not a completionista at all, but I found myself spending time trying to kill cougars with dynamite and trying to find the damnable unicorn again, just because I liked playing so much.

So, no, I have no news, but I’m right there with you.

I doubt that we’ll see any more DLC for RDR. Time to get ready for LA Noire!

I saw True Grit last night, and first thing I did when I got home was google the OP’s question

But I don’t want to get ready for LA Noire! I want to play more Red Dead Redemption!

Sorry, no more RDR DLC as far as I know. But what about 1970s Cold War paranoia?

Agent is Rockstar North’s next game (they don’t have anything to do with L.A. Noire beyond sharing a publisher).

Missed the edit: And Rockstar San Diego has no announced new project.

NO! I want more goddamned John Marsters!