Any movement on settling the Writers Guild of America strike?

Wikipedia says only that talks resumed November 26 at an undisclosed location and are still in progress. Has anyone heard any rumors?

(I don’t much care, except that I’m getting tired of reruns of The Daily Show. :frowning: )

The news section of the IMDB keeps saying “no progress has been made” over the last few days.

From Jeff Wells:

Also this:

The most recent commentary by Mark Evanier on the strike

The Internet is going to explode? :eek:
[chicken little]Is it the apocalypse?[/cl]

Yes, I know they’re talking about media “taking off” on the Internet. As if it hasn’t already.

Are there any blogs or outlets where you can get the point of view of the producers? The coverage of this has just seemed really one sided and I’d like to get the other point of view.

The other point of view is “we want all the money for ourselves.”

Re the current strike negotiations, the AMPTP came to the table with an offer that one showrunner referred to as “a thimbleful of sputum.” Their tactics are as described in ArchiveGuy’s second post: keep making incremental moves but talk them up in public in excess of the reality, in an attempt to undercut the faith of the union membership in their leaders. Divide and conquer, as it says.

It’s going to be a long strike. Take it to the bank.

Well, if they could just find someone to *write *for them…


Well, of course, this is a negotiation where, for once, labor is always going to outdo management in eloquence . . .

I’m rather delighting in that myself. And really, it’s lucky for the directors and the whomevers guilds that are due for contracts down the road a bit that it’s the writers who came up first. Can you imaging if it was the key grips trying to draft a press release? We’d all be, like, “Dude, it’s a camera! Plug it in already and stop complaining!” But the writers, well…they sorta know how to write and how to manipulate our emotions. It’s almost like it’s their job or somethin’.

None of this is to suggest that they don’t have an excellent point, by the way. But I’m sort of viewing this through two lenses - one “just the facts” and the other as performance. The writers come out on top by both accounts.

Well, that’s like characterizing the WGA’s position as “we want more money”. While it might be true, it’s not complete, and it’s not really fair to the WGA’s position. Likewise, I’m sure the producers have reasons they think the WGA members shouldn’t be paid more, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask what those reasons are.

I personally hope you’re wrong and it’s not a long strike. I want to be able to watch TV again. :slight_smile:

It might be settled this week! (But there’s a lot of attribution to rumor in the story.)

It looks like a lot of might be in the hands of the WGA as a whole, not just the reps (if they decide to put the proposed deal up for a membership vote). We’ll see…

The Daily Show (or, as Jon calls it without the writers, a daily show) has been going on for weeks now without writers, as have all the talk shows.

Look at the posting date.

Ah, I see.

Looks like the strike is going to be over, according to Michael Eisner anyway.

Deal Has Been Reached to End Writers’ Strike: Eisner

Looks to be official on Saturday, and he doesn’t think there’s any chance it’ll fall apart at this point.

It still needs to be approved by the membership as a whole. Embedded in this link are several more detailing some of the specifics of the final deal.