Any nice things happen regularly in your life?

I like waking in the morning with all the mammals on the bed, like a benign version of *The Life of Pi *with my wife and cats.

You know how you always seem to be in the slowest queue, or the light goes red just when it’s you? I sort of have the opposite with the doors of the train. They always stop right in front of me. When the train rolls up and the doors open right in front of me it’s like they’re rolling out a red carpet. Everyone else walks alongside the train as it comes to a stop, trying to get close to the doors. I just stand there, and it stops for me. I get to be the first in, which means I definitely get a seat on busy days. - It’s weird, but it makes me feel like the king of the world every morning when I catch the train.
(My guess it’s just me looking at it from the bright side or something, but it contrasts quite sharply with the “always in the slowest queue”-thing…)

But yeah, it doesn’t come close to the happy thumping of a tail at my footsteps coming down the stairs. That’s the very definition of happiness.

Awww! :o

Similar to this, coming home each night and my cat greets me at the top of the stairs, meows her way down the stairs then runs right past me to her scratching post in the front room, where my presence is required to scritch her ears whilst she furiously scratches the post.

Once a day I wake up and discover that I’m still alive. That’s a pretty good feeling. Not looking forward to the day that I don’t wake up.

Always look forward to lunch and a coffee, both of which I eat out every day.

Walking into my local Subway, and the guys just starting to make me a latte before I can even say a word :slight_smile:

Every night, in the middle of the night, my youngest daughter awakens at some point and comes to get in the bed with me and Daddy.* Michelle is the snuggliest thing ever, and I wake up to her curled all up around me, usually holding onto my upper arm and her face buried in my shoulder. It’s just the sweetest thing ever, and I’m old enough now to realize how soon these moments will end, so I choose to treasure them instead of getting into a pointless battle about making her go back to her own bed.

Then there’s the dog. Pandora is the dumbest multi-celled organism I’ve ever seen, but she’s also adorable. Every morning, as soon as she realizes I’m awake-ish, she snuffles me in greeting. She never licks me, just little puffs of breath from her nose, usually in the vicinity of my neck or ear. (Frankly, she’d vastly prefer to be snuggled up next to me, but I have to draw the line somewhere. There’s only room for so many mammals in a bed - even a king size.) In addition to sniffing me awake each morning, any time I leave the house - walk 100 feet to the mailbox, quick trip to the grocery store, retrieve something from the truck, 3-day weekend vacation - 'Dora is the embodiment of happiness when I return. I swear, one day she’s going to put her eye out wagging her tail! Happy happy happy! Even if she doesn’t have a single redeeming feature otherwise, Pandora makes up for most of her shortcomings by believing that I’m the single best being on the planet.

And the husband: Maybe once every few weeks, we’ll be watching TV or sitting around surfing the net or just laying in bed relaxing, and Tony will hold my hand or hug me and say “I love you so much.” I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I’ll take it.

*Yeah, I know, terrible habit to indulge… but she’s the baby. There won’t be any more. And if this is my worst parenting fail, I’m okay with it. Plus, she’s just so darned cute!

Waking up in my own home and not in the psych ward.

Too, the moment when Deaf Dog realizes I’ve come home. He stares at me for a minute and then rolls over on his back so I can skritch his belly. Bliss.

Every day when I pick up the bag I take to the gym, boycat runs at top speed to the round red rug by the front door and rolls over on his back for me to scratch his belly. I am not allowed to leave without scratching. The rug has more yellow cat hair than a red rug should have but I love this ritual.

Game night, which as often as not is “have dinner with friends and then sit around bullshitting for a few hours” night.

The way my cat leaps up onto the bed at bedtime and yells at me to hurry up and provide radiator services for her.

Another one, a little different from all the lovely four-legged friends (some of whom made my screen a little blurry). But it’s a nice thing that happens almost everyday: auto-correct.

I send enough messages that I get something funny almost every day. It’s a brief, always unexpected chuckle. Today I was sending a shopping list, I sent the entire list and then remembered digestive biscuits. Pressed send. My phone decided:

Suggestive biscuit.

It’s still tickling me now, a few hours later. Suggestive biscuit. Heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Biscuits shaped like genitalia, but only vaguely so? :stuck_out_tongue: