Any nice things happen regularly in your life?

Anybody enjoy the fact that you can look forward to something nice, that is a recurring feature in your life?

I live in an apartment building, and the rental office has a little kitchen-dining area annexed to it. The women in the office always make a bundt cake in the toaster oven, and there is always a pot of coffee on. Every morning when I go over to check my mail, I have a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. Sometimes there are biscuits and sausages. I bring my own cup, plate and fork, so I don’t waste styrofoam settings. They’re even there on Saturdays.

I look forward to that every day, and I’d miss it.

It’s not every single week, but most Fridays one of the older volunteers at the shelter where I volunteer brings homemade cookies.

Once a month a dear friend and I get together for beers and appetizers/dinner after work. Sometimes we plan something more elaborate, but it’s pretty much every 4 weeks.

We had lost touch years ago and didn’t see each other for a long time. We are closer now than ever, and don’t want to let that happen again.

Me and my dad to to a drive in movie theatre in the summer

I sing with the choir every Sunday at mass. That’s a regular ‘nice thing’.

Once a month my siblings and I meet up for lunch at a lovely English style tea room. We just chat away over hot tea and scones. We’ve been doing it for years, at least eleven. It’s delightful.

Every two weeks, my employer puts money in my checking account. Say what you want about it, it means an awful lot to me. :slight_smile:

Celtling bringing home little art projects and crafts from school. I just love those glimpses into her thoughts.

I wake up every morning next to my best friend.

Waking up to my dog enthusiastically greeting me in the morning. Tail wagging, big dopey grin on his face. It’s a small thing, but a great start to the day.

Oh yes. Why can we humans not feel this way about greeting a new day?? One of the things I’ve always liked best about dogs is they always have hope that this day, this hour, this minute will be the best ever.

I have been playing badminton with my eleven year old daughter every single evening for a month. We played in the rain today right in front of a rainbow.

I wake up .
If there is pain there is Alieve and it works.
The AC is working wonderfully well.
I have 2 cats for company and they snuggle and purr…I bought them 2 toy mice with feather tails for my birthday, Made me giggle

My job provides free dark chocolate cocoa. Makes life in the cube farm much more endurable.

Monthly anniversary with the wife, where we always try to have a nice meal.

A movie or two together in the cinema every weekend and one on Sunday nights.

Live lesbian sex shows at Suzie Wong Bar in Soi Cowboy.


Every morning as soon as I stumble out of bed, my husband gives me a bear hug, then brings me a latte.

This made me smile.

I’m with KneadToKnow about getting that lovely money (once a month, in my case).

As for the nice thing that happens every day, I am delighted to come home everyday to my lovely empty apartment, where I am completely alone except for my much beloved cat, and that I do not have to deal with another person’s wants or needs. Ah, such bliss!!

My pets bring me a lot of happiness, but Dammit Sally has the best morning attitude. She is wild and crazy the rest of the time, but for her short morning walk she is very calm, and always takes a moment to look at the world with a happy tail wag. Nothing overboard, she just always seems pleasantly surprised at how nice today is.
It always makes me happy and I try to greet my morning with the same attitude. :slight_smile:
I love seeing the moon and stars when I deliver papers most mornings. Keeps life in perspective, and so many people miss it.

This is a terrific thread! Every post makes me feel good vicariously.

Once a week, a good friend of mine has been paying me to help him clean out his garage/workshop, storage shed, basement and attic. He has been collecting, repairing, and restoring old radios of every description for decades. He has literally thousands of vaccum tubes of every conceivable type. I have an element of Asperger’s/OCD in my personality, so even sorting out all those mountains of tubes has been fun.

But my god! Those old radios are so beautiful. Furniture type ones from the 20s and 30s. Cool science fictioney ones from the 50s. Short wave and military and nautical and just every damn radio ever. And oscilloscopes. And tube testers. And meters, many many meters.

I have learned so much already, and we haven’t even gotten to the basement and attic yet. I know what an octal is, and a “loctal,” and can recognizel a transformer. Oh! And knobs! He has so many cool Bakelite radio knobs and dials. Big fun.