Any of you into rally racing?

Just curious if there are any other WRC fans on here.

I catch it whenever I can when it comes on Speedvision. Great stuff. It’s amazing how they zip down a narrow, gravel road at 100mph+.

I also play the WRC games for the PS2. You should check out Collin McRae 3 if you’re into video games.

I picked up Colin McRae 3 as soon as it came out last week for Xbox, awesome game! Except for the fact that Colin is with Citroen now and not Ford.

Yeah, I like to watch WRC as much as I can. Unfortunately, we don’t have Eurosport here any longer, so I see some highlights on other channels, mostly.

It’s way cool. And it shows that Peugeot do not just make crappy cars that rust and fall apart, like so many Americans often try to remind me of whenever I mention what car I drive. :slight_smile:

Did you come here from EF?

Yeah I have had an accont on here for a long time as well but I dont get on these boards much. What is your name on EF?

I’ve managed to find some clips on the net, but I don’t know how to actually follow the circuit. Do you have to have Speedvision, and is there something even better?

It’s my favorite motorsport to watch - well, it’s really the only motorsport I watch… Those guys are my driving heros. And I’d probably be driving one of those puegot 206’s if they sold them here, don’t care what people say about french cars!

Got to love rally racing. Nothing like going sideways at really stupid speeds. I’m just amazed at the lack of crowd control at some of the events.

Well, at the people who stand on the OUTSIDE edge of a curve and end up flying into the air when a car comes screaming out of control at 100mph.

back in the 80’s during the “Group B” days where the horsepower wasn’t restricted, the cars were faster and the crowds were even worse. Actually, the goal of many fans was to reach out and try to get a hand on the cars as they went by at 120mph… there are videos from inside the car, coming around a bend or over a crest, and the road literally looking like a parting sea of people… insane! And yes, people were killed, which is why they are much more strict these days (they’ve actually closed down stages because of too many fans on the course).

Yes, several people were killed in 1986, so now it is much stricter.

Anyway, I love Rally. I tend to think Marcus Grunholm is going to win again this year. I wish Colin Mcrae 3 came out for the Cube.

Yeah it is my fav motor-sport too! I am rooting for McRae,Burns and Petter Solberg this season but I think Gronholm will repeat. He really is the master. He is a machine! Loeb looks like he is going to do well. I love the Scooby and the EVO but the Puegot is really great as a rally car. I dont think I like how it looks in street form though, kinda ugly.

I hope they bring back the Safari leg, that is one of the best rallies! I think the Turkey leg will be cool, its over but doesn’t air until this week.
Some links for rally fans:

I love listening to Grönholm talk, he is funny. He doesn’t speak English too well so he says allot of OK’s and good’s. Its hilarious! Hey, maybe Makkinen will make a comeback. I like when pro’s from other motor-sports try their hand at rally. They think, hey I am the best motorcycle racer around, I can do that. NOT> they usually crash pretty quick. These guys are the best drivers on the planet. They can drive any surface fast.

About the fans: yeah I think they are pretty nuts sometimes. I know when I play Colin McRae 3 on Xbox that if there were fans all on the sides like in real life, I would have killed 10-20 by now. haha. Anyone else playing CM3 on Xbox now? I finally broke down and paid for the codes. Its cool, you can rally a little tank and a dune buggy.

Yeah, I never bothered to look at the version Puegot actually sells… I just know I like the WRC version better than any of the other cars (the scooby wrc is a cool looking car too)!