Any one have any ear mite experience in kitties?

Sometimes google makes me want to rip my hair out. Our new kitten Butters has ear mites. So I went and bought some stuff at Petco and when I got it home, realized Butters is not old enough. Then I googled it and half of the Amazon reviews were 1 star because of nasty side effects. I’m not putting that in his ears even if he were old enough.

So I looked up alternatives and there is not a one that doesn’t have potential nasty side effects, up to and including seizures and death. Even the Revolution. Seems like all of the antiparasitics are neurotoxins that they claim don’t effect mammals (except on the occasions that it does.)

I’m trying to help him, not hurt him.

Butters would like to hear about some experiences of kitty lovers in dealing with mites. (Fleas are not a problem here in almost Idaho.)

I would take him to the vet for a diagnosis and treatment.

I adopted a kitten once that had suffered from untreated ear mites that led to a severe infection and damage. You don’t want that!

I agree - this is one for the vets. Baby ears need special care.

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Yep, go to the vet. In the mean time get q-tips and baby oil and clean out the ears the best you can. Butters will not like it. Wrap him in a towel with a helper. And be gentle.
The vet will tell you if the mite medicine is ok for him.

What? People hate kitties? Surely you jest!:wink:

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The vet is probably a good idea all around if he hasn’t been yet. He’ll need de-worming too I imagine, and some other things.

For his ears in the meantime, you could try a cleaner with tea tree oil, like this one. I’ve found that products with tea tree oil work fairly well against creepy crawlies.

How is your little teratoma doing otherwise? :slight_smile:

Well if he’s trying to sell it of course he’s going to say it’s okay. And if it isn’t - well - oops!

If I sound cynical, it’s because I am, having suffered more than one severe reaction to stuff myself.

I got some kitty ear wipes and he doesn’t mind us using those. I think it feels good to him because he purrs and falls asleep. We have most of the gunk out doing this every day.

I’m hoping to get some anecdotes from folks who have used the antipariaitics (painlessly and successfully or not) or alternatives.

Well, it turns out that fate was correct that a kitten was just what our house needed. His first night in he started using his litter box. And has used it every time since. He uses his scratching post and kitty condos as well. (He almost has more furniture than we do now.) He’s working very hard to be a perfect cat. He’s very mellow and doesn’t mind being handled at all. Like a rag doll.

He will never be going outside again. Indoor kitties have much longer and healthier lives.

I want to wait until he’s a little older to take him for his vaccinations since I really don’t know how old he is and I want to be sure he’s very well nourished and able to take them.

A vet will be able to give you an approximate age and determine a good vaccination schedule as well as ensuring that ear mites are the only issue and that you have the appropriate treatment.

I’m glad you all connected. :slight_smile:

I made him an appointment for tomorrow. Pretty sure his new vet will grow to dislike me as much as my GP dreads seeing me walk in.

I’m still annoyed by 50 years of being advised to eat lots of carbs and transfats.

I hope you have solid wood ones rather than the wood & cardboard things that fall apart after a year or so.

Oh, I thought you bought the meds at Walmart or something. I don’t think ear mites meds are all that dangerous wherever they came from. Good luck at the vet.

Check out the amazon reviews on this one. Sounds dangerous to me. You can find some pretty scary reviews of the Revolution, too.

Don’t use pyrethrins on cats if at all possible. Your vet will have something cat-safe, and if you can find a vet who specializes in cats so much the better.

Cats are weird, they are much more sensitive to stuff than dogs or humans and the dosing has to be right. If you don’t trust your vet, find another.

Just curious, are you planning to make all of Butters health care decisions on the basis of Amazon reviews? May I also suggest the comments sections of YouTube videos and Yahoo Answers?

CMC fnord!

Yep, I see. You do what you feel best for your kitty.

You know that people have experiences and talk about them and people go to the vet and get info they later pass on if it seems appropriate, right? I heard about Hartz flea meds and collars causing seizures and death in young animals via anecdotes of this type and decided that was a good enough reason not to use them and what do you know–the vet also cautioned me about the very same thing. It’s almost as though factual information works even if a non-professional shares it with you. Weird, huh?