Any Orange County dopers?

I’m headed to beautiful downtown Irvine, California (although I am convinced that there isn’t a downtown Irvine, it is just a series of repeating buildings, much like cartoon backgrounds) for work, and I’m wondering if any OC dopers would be bored enough to have a beer or fourteen on a weekday night.

Details:[ul]Not the best digs, but the Irvine Hyatt but it at least has a bar. If Irvine’s pinacle of nightlife is the Hyatt bar, even better.

Work is near the amphitheater on Alton parkway. There is some sprawling resturant/entertainment complex nearby as well. Lunch could be a possibility too. (Nobody tell Gazelle. It would be my first doper lunch that she didn’t plan)

I fly into John Wayne (sooooo many cheap puns I could use on *that *line) on 1/7/4, then leave 1/13/4. I’d
be ditching my co-worker, but I can’t really take his car.
[/ul]Any takers?