Any Oregon State fans here?

Ok, the Niners just hired Dennis Erickson as the head coach. Tell me, is he good, am I going to be even more disaapointed with the Niners as I was under Marriuchi? Give me the scoop.

Not an Oregon State fan, but I remember Dennis well, from his term at the University of Miami and with the Seattle Seahawks.

A decent coach, but not a great one. He did win a national title at Miami, but he completely lost control of that team (the worst of their disciplinary problems took place on Erickson’s watch). He obviously isn’t very good at instilling discipline. And if he couldn’t control a bunch of college kids, how is he going to command respect from Terrell Owens?

He did a miserable job with the Seahawks, a talented team that never played up to its potential under Erickson.

He’s done an adequate job at Oregon State, but the Beavers actually seem to have regressed the last few years. After Oregon State beat Notre Dame in a big bowl game a few years back, people thought the Beavers were going to be championship contenders. Instead, they’ve fallen back to the middle of the PAC (pun intended).

I think 49er fans should be very disappointed. The head coaching position in San Francisco SHOULD be a plum. It SHOULD be one that the best coaches in football are chomping at the bit to get. If Dennis Erickson is the best they could do, the 49ers have REALLY fallen.

More likely, though, the puppetmaster (one Bill Walsh by name) didn’t WANT a strong head coach with a mind of his own. He wanted a guy who’d be grateful for the opportunity to coach again, and who’ll gladly say, “Yes sir, Mr. Walsh sir, whatever you say.”

It’s not just Walsh that the head coach to say “yes sir, yes sir”. Terry Donahue and John York also want a coach that will follow orders.

Thanks for the input. I’m not hearing any excitement, but looking at the records at Miami and Oregon, I’m not ready to hang up my banner. Anymore?

Miami and Oregon STATE, Stuffy. Try not to confuse us Beavers with our hated rivals, the Ducks. Before he came along, OSU had 28 straight losing seasons, IIRC, an NCAA-I record. Their previous coach, Mike Riley, went to the pros(San Diego) after he got the Beavs to 5-6. Oregon State was so bad, getting them to 5-6 was impressive enough to get noticed by the pros. But then Riley didn’t do very good with the Chargers. Erickson and Riley turned them from perrenial doormat to respectable. That is an accomplishment in itself.

As aformentioned, he had discipline problems at Miami, although they did win on the field. Same in Corvallis. Last year, Oregon State led the country in penalties or close to it. As a Beaver fan, I am kinda glad he’s gone because sanctions seem to follow him. I’m hoping that his successor will be able to keep them competive.

Erickson didn’t do great with the pros. Which is why he ended up at Oregon State after coaching for the Hawks. I can’t really understand why the Niners let go of Mooch. I hate to say it, after all he did for Beaver Nation, but SF fans may be in for a long season.