Lovie Smith new Bears coach

Just wondering what you Chicago fans thought of this one? I think that, generally, he seems like a decent guy, was a very good linebackers coach in Tampa Bay under Tony Dungy and Monte Kiffin, so learned from some good teachers, then did a serviceable job at upgrading the Rams defense as their coordinator. It will be interesting to see how he progresses in Chicago. The Bears actually seemed to be making some progress in the second half of the season, although I’m not sure what Grossman can do as a starting QB.

Thoughts? Like, dislike, don’t know yet, reply hazy, try again later?

He was good in Gilligan’s Island.

I really wanted Saban, but I think Smith is a decent choice. Hopefully he can get turn the defense into “Monsters of the Midway” again. I think he will be better than Jauron. Get an offensive coordinator other than Shoop and maybe the Bears can start winning again.

I’m not so sure about Grossman. Florida QBs don’t have a very good track record, and as we found out, the “brains” behind the Fun N’ Gun couldn’t cut it in the NFL. I have a disdain for the Gators to begin with, so I’m torn between rooting for the Bears success with Grossman. Once he’s in a Bears uniform does that take precedence over where he went to college?

Well, there goes my fantasy that they would fire Martz and name Lovie the new Rams HC. Oh well. We’ve probably got another 10 years of dumbass high-pressure decisions in our future. :mad:

Since the “Location:” field is gone I’ll mention that I speak as a Rams fan, not a Bears fan.

Bears fan here.

I am optimistic about Lovie. I think it’s a big upgrade from Jauron. Saban would have been nice, but now they have $3 million more they can spend in the free agent market, so thats not too bad.

What is really gonna be the key is who they get to run the offense. Lovie said his idea was “Like the Rams, but with a little more running emphasis”. That sounds like a good start to me, but the important thing is who is calling the plays? We really need a major upgrade of our offensive line. I would also like a back with a little more breakaway speed than the A-train, but we seem to have settled on him for now.

What I am sick of is hearing how important it is to stick with “Bears football” tradition. The only tradition in this town since the mid-80’s is LOSING. It’s time for a change. We don’t have to be a defensive-minded, grind-it-out and win by 3 football team like Shoop preferred. Open it up! We have 3 very good wideouts (Booker, Terrell, and Gage) and a promising young QB (I really like what I’ve seen so far in Grossman) so we might as well run a real offense where they actually throw the ball across the middle once in a while.

Bears in '04!