NCAA Football starts off nicely for Oklahoma

#2 OU beats Bowling Green (who?) 40 - 24 with a combo of a strong running game and a good passing game, along with a decent (enough) defense. That D better strengthen up, though.

OK State wins 31- 20 over UCLA. Just good, solid football and a killer running attack. Wow.

How did your guys do?

Lost to Frances. It was a whitewashing.

My own college football team being consistenly horrid, I root for Cal.

They beat Air Force 56-14.

Penn State beat Akron, 48-10. Though it could have been more impressive had Paterno not down his usual thing of putting in second and third stringers after halftime.

“How did your team do”
Auburn won 31-0 vs. Louisiana Monroe.

To me the big story of the day was Oregon State kickin’ LSU all over the field for three and 1/2 quarters. The Beaver’s kicker goes 0-3 on extra point attempts and OSU loses 22 to 21 in overtime. Bummer.

All the Florida games were postponed, call back later. :frowning:

That’s going to be a looong plane flight home for that guy. Three missed XPs in one game? The Oregon State coach should boot that kicker off the team.

Texas beat the University of North Texas 65-0. I prefer the parity in the pro football game, where any team can beat another on any given Sunday.

I seriously hope you guys are all okay.

But, it does bring up an interesting point. When are the make up games to be played? After the season? A loss early in the season isn’t as bad to high ranked teams as a late season loss.

Stanford beat San Jose St. 43-3. And I know that beating a shitty team like San Jose St. doesn’t say a hell of a lot, but Stanford’s offense did seem quite a bit less helpless and pathetic than it did last year.

Notre Dame was pathetic against BYU. Man, they better pullit into shape by next Saturday against Michigan.

the Ohio State University laid a nice little whooping on Cincinnati 27 - 6. You may think “Cincinnati?”, but they have a lot of seniors and they gave the Buckeyes all they could handle in '02 during our championship year.

Our offense is going to struggle some this year (what’s new) but our D is going to be scary good. (also what’s new)

They just bumped the FSU/Miami game back to Friday night. 'Course, when you have the next week off, that’s easy to do. UF is playing their game against Mid. Tenn. State in October- the 16th, I believe.

Thanks for your concern NoClueBoy. We didn’t get hit too bad here in St. Pete, at least not in my neighborhood. I think we had some winds over 50 mph but not much rain at all. We have Ivan coming at us for next weekend. I heard on the news Ivan is the strongest hurricane EVER to form below the 10th parallel. Well, let’s just hope he fizzles out prematurely.

According to the Friday paper down here, Jimmy Chitwood is correct with his new schedule dates. USF is still scheduled to play Pitt here Monday night. I go to a lot of high school games down here, but they were all canceled too. We should be back to normal after tomorrow. Happy Labor Day huh? :slight_smile:

Your guys OSU beat our guys UCLA. I was at the game and saw it all.

It was pretty good day for Big blue. Guitierrez haveing a bit of an Injury, And Woodley and Jackson aparently hurt somewhat I’m a bit concerned. But Henne was great for a freshman starting on a moments notice, and the future after this year looks bright. Seven turn overs makes me very confident in the defense, since Miami is a decent team. Special teams coverage was crap though, but something is always going to suck in the opener.

Notre Dame didn’t look too good in the Jesus Bowl, So they shouldn’t be much of a threat, and Iowa is at home in Ann Arbor. So barring a big time screw-up I figure we have a great chance of heading into Columbus undefeated. :cool:

My boys halted the longest winning streak in college football.

Michigan 43, Miami (Ohio) 10.


I’m still pissed about this. We were 17.5 underdogs going into the game. We had a huge party going for the beavs, and I still can’t talk because of it. Right after the first missed PAT I told everyone, in a very somber, very serious moment of sobriety that that would come back to haunt us.

I hate being right some time. Why Riley didn’t go for two during the OT I don’t know… I just think that would have been the right thing to do. Then again, I’m not a coach.

Our defense carried us that enitre game, except for the last two drives… 68 yards in four plays… that was sad. I still think we have a great team, and we plan on giving USC a run for their money.

Also, let me just say that we have the hardest schedule of any team in the nation this year, We’re playing both co-champs, as well as a bundle of bowl teams…