Any other band reunions you'd like to see?

I’m sure no one on these boards will be shocked that I’d like to see a Genesis reunion. Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks, and Phil Collins. Any other bands you’d like to see have a reunion?

The Pink Floyd reunion at Live 8 was amazing.

i thought hackett died a few years ago?

how about a blind faith reunion?

It’ll probably never happen, but…

The Police. Messrs. Copeland, Sumner, and Summers, together, doing the old stuff and some new. Sting’s ego could not possibly cope with this - barring one of the others being on their deathbeds or financially ruined, I don’t think it will happen. [runs away crying to a corner]

Steve Hackett is alive and well.

ok, then i’m in for a genesis reunion.

(as long as they chain phil to the drum kit)

I think Live 8 would have been a great time for it. I could have seen them doing the “In the Cage-Cinema Show-Colony of Slipperman-Afterglow” medley. Let Peter sing during “In the Cage” and then have Peter play drums while Phil sings “Afterglow.”