Pink Floyd to reunite to play Live 8

In London.

Lucky saps.

I saw them in Earl Court in 1991 (I think. I’m 23 so I was young). Deffinatly trying to get tickets to live 8 now.

Wow, I thought I’d never see the day.

Wow. With Roger Waters again. Floyd, how I wish you were here!

I’ve been sitting here for the past 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get to London for that show.

Ain’t gonna happen… :frowning:

Maybe if it goes really well, and we all click our heels 3 times and say “There’s no place like the Dark Side of the Moon”, a tour may follow? Hope springs eternal!


I was fortunate enough to see them on The Dark Side of the Moon tour back in 73 or 74.

Would you really get that much out of a creaky, nostalgic reunion tour? I’m not so sure, unless Pink Floyd continued to push the envelope in terms of on-stage visual creativity as they as in the '70’s.

Wouldn’t you rather that they went in to the studio and cranked out something new and awesome? Though it probably wouldn’t be (see Page/Plant, etc.)

Oh. God. :swallows hard:

Leaving out the word “creaky” (which I firmly believe it would NOT be), who says we can’t have both ?


YES. Speaking as someone who would never have had the opportunity to see them play together before they broke up, I would deffinatly get a lot out of a “creaky, nostalgic, reunion tour.” I wasn’t born untill 1982, and can’t head back to the 70’s, this is the closest I am gonna get. (New music would be great too though)

And after I just explained to my boss at length how Waters and Gilmour hated each other and would never play together again. Whoops.

Of course, I’m still taking this with a grain of salt until I hear a confirming quote from Waters. Gilmour has attempted rapproachment with Waters before, and been rebuffed.

I think it says something nice about the nature of that place that when I heard the news this morning, my reaction was “Meh…whatever…but hey, I’m certainly happy for DarkSideoftheFloyd and PinkFreud”. :slight_smile:

I saw them in '72, just after Meddle was released. It’d be nice if they buried the hatchet and toured. After all, the money would be there, and it’d be the biggest tour of the year.

Good point. [sheepish confession] Fact is, I never got to see them live either – I was born in 1970 – and I’d definitely catch a show if I could. [/sheepish confession]

Now if Syd Barrett were to join them too, that would really be something…

Unfortunately, I think it’s safe to say that that’s never going to happen.

You know, it’d be pretty cool if they projected images of Syd’s paintings on the screen during the show.