Any other leap day babies?

There are 4.1 million people born on Feb. 29th in an year dividable by 4, so chances are there’s more than one (me) that’s posting here. This year wasn’t a leap year, so I guess I’m still four years old. But next year, next year…! Of course, I’ll be in the army by then.

Well, FWIW, my birthday’s in August, but someone in my English class was born on 03-29. BTW, how do you celebrate? Do you celebrate on the 28th? Do you have a bigger celebration on your actual birthday than you do the other 3 out of 4 years?

I’m not a big birthday-celebrating person, but usually on 28th.

I was wondering if maybe you celebrate right at midnight.

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Not me, but my Brother-In-Law is and my daughter was due on 29/2/1992 … fortunately she was late by a couple of weeks otherwise it would have been neice and uncle on the 29th February.