Any birthdays today? (February 29th)

My dad turns 96 today, though he has really only had about 23 birthdays.

Any one else?

Cameron on Modern Family. That’s all I got. :o

A local radio DJ in my area (who is in his 40’s) wished his older sister a “happy 14th birthday” on the air today. Other than that, I got nothin’

Not me personally, but a good friend turned “12” today. Her daughter teases her that she (the daughter) will be a teenager before her mom is.

I also have two aunts by marriage who are leap year babies. One turned “16” today. The other one was born very close to midnight 2/29 and her father somehow convinced the doctor to not record her time of birth until 12:01 am on March 1st.

My uncle Mark, and my cats, Boris and Natasha.

I have a cousin whose birthday is February 29.

Not a birthday, but I joined this site Feb 29th 2000. Yeah I know it says March. One of the board upgrades changed the date. :frowning:

Check out the fifth post in this thread:

I posted on FB yesterday: We wish (or son and DIL) happy sixth anniversary of their engagement. My son chose Feb. 29 to propose since he would never forget that date. Neither did we.

The wife of a former coworker of mine was born on Leap Year Day. She never made a big deal of it.

It was also a plot point in Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance, of course: