Happy Leap Day!

Yes, it’s that once-every-four-years day! Are you doing anything special?

Sacrificing a goat. That’s about it.

Do any Dopers have a 2/29 birthday?

Just another day in -un-paradise

Well, it’s only my birthday.
So yeah, there’s that, I guess.

It’s the birthday of my favourite comedian. (Even his birth date is funny.) He’s 10 years old today.

I’m not really actually doing anything unusual today, as far as I know.

I just wish it weren’t a Monday. I have to work as usual.

Happy February 29th!

Celebrating the unofficial end of the MLB off-season. And reading articles about the hard knock life of leap babies.

I prefer chickens with just a hint of Christian overtones to the ceremony. :wink:

Not really. Working in government/politics, leap year only makes things busier. We had some libations back in 2000 for the once-in-400 leap century year.

I completed my PhD on this day in 2000. Turns out a former co-worker also completed her PhD on that day. Strange coincidence.

I’m writing 2/29/16 a lot.

I did something very special. I missed a day of school without calling in for the first time in 28 years! :mad: :smack:

I went into the sub system yesterday to arrange for a sub for my classes today, March 1st. Total brain-fart, which left my 1st period class just standing around in the quad and the receptionist calling to see if I was alive. Total flashback to Nick Nolte in the first five minutes of Teachers.

Way to go, dumbass!

Just out of curiosity, what day do you celebrate your birthday in non-leap years?

Actually rarer than 1/4 years, since years / 100 are not leap years unless they are also / 400.

So it is a 97 times out of 400 event.


Were you angry that your parents started making you go to school at 1 year old?

I’m sending flowers to my childhood friend who has a birthday today. I’ve done that every 4 years when she has an actual birthday for years. She’ll be 15 today.

I’ve always thought it a lack of civilizational imagination that we traipse off to work this day like any other day. Today should be a holiday four times as unique as any other holiday.

I sent birthday greetings to a friend, who by coincidence, also turned 15 this year.

It’s my wedding anniversary. 7 (28 years). Out to dinner with my guy:)