If you don’t recognize the name then this thread will mean nothing to you but I find it hard to believe that no Dopers have heard of this guy.
He is on the radio on the AM dial and he always has on these wacky “guests” that say crazy ish…if your familiar with the show do you have any favorite “guests”?

Mine; R.C., Margaret Gray, Ted of Beverly Hills, and the guy that keeps repeating that he is a gay man and gay journalist.

Oh I used to have some great Phil Hendrie moments back about 6-7 years ago when he came on in the mornings right after Howard Stern.

Favorite moments were Darryl Webber’s Funky Chicken Cacauphony and Liquor Jamboree, The Citizen’s Auxillary Police, and that guy from Dark Horse (or was it Darque Horse, or Dark Hoarse? Part of the bit was that he would never spell it the same way twice, so to confuse people that tried to look his “huge” band up on the internet :).)

Unfortunately, starting around 1999, he started occasionally letting everyone in on the jokes. He was real subtle about it at first, then he started getting more bold and blatant, saying that he could shout his secrets from the rooftop today and people either wouldn’t listen or would forget by tomorrow.

It was funny at first but it eventually started leading to more and more “fake” callers (genuine callers who were in the know but played along anyway just to hear themselves on the radio I guess.)

That’s pretty much when I stopped listening. From catching the show every once in awhile and talking to other listeners over the last couple years I’ve gotten the impression that he “gives the secret away” pretty much every day now. Yawn.

One of his recent “guests” was calling to report a new program he was trying to market, inspired by the “Queer Eye” series. This one would be called “A White Eye for the Black Guy,” in which White guys would teach Inna City Bruthas such stuff as balancing a checkbook. I was about to split.

I remember that one, I turned it on in the car when my dad was with me and he was about to call the station and give this crazy guy a piece of his mind on the air…to bad we didn’t have a cell phone around.

The guy is an absolute genius. Rare is the time I can listen for more than a couple of minutes without actually laughing out loud (while in the car by myself).

I think the best aspect is his ability (through his “guests” of course) to insult the callers. During one bit that somehow got sidetracked into “the caller must not be all that attractive,” a woman claimed she was a Budweiser model. His “guest” then asked what that meant… that she had a rear end as big as a Clydesdale? That her face looked like a horse… or a horse’s rear end?

As many times as I’ve read and been told that he does all the voices himself, I still cannot really fathom how he can actually have two and three way conversations with different voices, done off the cuff. It’s an amazing talent.

My favorite thing is that stinger music he plays from time to time. As far as I can remember, it started with his old Phil Explains The Bullcrap, With Frodo The Puppet sketches.

“Sure… he’s a thumb puppet!”

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Phil did the voices of Free Waterfall Jr. and Free Waterfall, Sr. in Futurama (F.W. jr in The Problem With Popplers - “Smelly Hippie”, F.W. Sr in “The Birdbot Of Icecatraz”.
I like how he plays an idiotic ultra-leftist and gets eaten in both episodes by the creatures he is trying to save :smiley:
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He takes a little getting used to, but after you get it he’s f***ing funny as hell!
IMHO, of course.

I’m a fan too and there have been a few threads on the guy in the past.

Unfortunately during baseball season in these parts he almost always gets pre-empted by those penultimate achievers, the Devil Rays.

Even more unfortunate is that 9/11 scared him so badly, he became a conservative and I have trouble listening to his pro-Bush, anti-liberal rants any more. But the characters are still a scream.

Does he really do the voices of all the characters on the show in real time, live? That’s gotta be difficult. It’s one thing to argue with a partner, it’s another thing to argue convincingly with YOURSELF. Yikes.