Any picture site where my familymembers all over the world can upload and share pictures?

For the holidays, I wanted to start a family picture project: family members scattered all over the world would turn over their shoe boxes with old family pictures, and scan them and upload them.

Also, the site needs to have a feature where all those people can add to captions with any picture. " “Ooh, that “unidentified lady” next to your great-grandfathers is actually your great aunt Edith. Two years after this picture was taken, in 1924, she ran off and joined the circus.”

Is there any site that will allow family members to work jointly on such a picture project? And that will also let everyone make prints?

Or will I just have to start an account at Snapfish and ask everyone to e-mail me their pictures?

Thanks in advance!

Photobucket has a comment box for each photo. Allows up to 1000 characters of text. Comments don’t alter the image.

It also has a basic editor to resize, crop, rotate etc.
up at the top of the editor is a series of Tabs Basic, Effects, Decorate — under Decorate there’s an option to add text to the image.

basic photobucket does what you want for free. There’s also a pro version that gives more file space for a small fee.

I’ve used Photobucket at least 7 years.

Or open an account in any of those places and share the password with everybody.

Sounds a lot like Facebook, except the photos won’t be print quality. You can all join and make a group and everyone can upload his/her photos and comments.

Photobucket lets you share albums and slideshows among friends.

you may want a separate account for each family member and then they can see the album or slideshow from their own account.

Printing - on your own pc or photobucket has a commercial print service (Kodak) for a fee.

Picasaweb (from Google) allows you to give access to others. If you’re set up for public access, anyone can comment on the photos.

The joint album option of Picasa indeed sounds like my best bet. Now I just hope that some old auntie computer noob doesn’t delete all the pictures everyone put up…

Or here if the photos are really good. :wink:

Picasa (Probably the “easiest for Grandma” option)
Flickr (Most popular with the cool kids)
Smugmug (Superior to Flickr in terms of application interface, but not nearly as popular)