Any PlanetSucksters here?

Just wondering…

  1. What is/was your nick there if it’s not the same here? (mine’s the same)

  2. Do you still post? I do, but rarely. Only usually when Big Brother is on… :rolleyes:

  3. Did you migrate from PSucks to SDMB or the other way around? I was a Suckster first.

  4. Did you leave the board? Or get banned? I haven’t left…

  5. Are you as afraid of DogStalker and the buttheads as much as I am?


  • s.e.

I’m not a member of their boards, but their scathing recaps of reality shows are ruthless! I just discovered it recently and it’s become one of my favorite reads at work. Consistently funny stuff – right up there with the Onion.

I wrote a summary of an episode of Big Brother 2. Not a masterpiece, and you had to be following the show to get most of the jokes and references, but it was well-received. You should check it out and send me a PM. :smiley:

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Got a spare link on ya, pal?

It can be found here. However, the graphics for the “sponsors” are missing. They are, in order:

Zoloft (the antidepressant)

Vagisil (no explanation needed, but you need to have watched Big Brother 1 to get the Mulva reference)

Belly Lounge (Mike Boogie’s bar)

NyQuil (Krista’s fave beverage)


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yo, Scott,

Yahoo is totally janky and I can’t log in to send you a PM.

I read your BB2 summary (although I’m not one of the zoloft popping zombies that watched that “dreck”) and it’s totally wicked and totally on par with the summaries that got me hooked on that site in the first place.

I can’t wait to use the term “human troll doll” around my faggotty (term of affection) friends – thanks!:wink:

I remember you!

I used to post a lot a while back but ever since I discovered Table Talk @ Salon, I haven’t been an active poster.

Sometimes I do stop by to check the summaries, though.

At PlanetSucks I’m better known as tish…interrupted.

So nice to be reunited! You totally rocked my world. I h.eart you. (Wait, there are no banned words here… ;))


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Glad you liked it. :slight_smile: You should read new order’s summary, which followed mine. It blew all summaries out of the water.

Did you get the BB2 and BB1 refernces?

And don’t knock antidepressants, babe. I’m on 'em. But I’m still a zombie. :smiley:

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