Any political prisoners/refugees/asylum seekers/persecuted people in general here?

It suddenly occurred to me the other day that there are probably a lot of people living in North America and Western Europe who escaped from political persecution of some sort and sought asylum in their current home. In fact, living in a fairly international city myself, I probably walk right by political asylum seekers every day without even knowing it. My grandfather escaped slavery in Russia to live in the UK and then the US, after all.

So after thinking about this for a while, I realized that the Dope could very well have some political asylum seekers. I’d love to hear their story. Or their asylum-seeking ancestors’ stories, for that matter; if there’s any interest, I’ll share what I know of my grandfather’s.

If parents count, then here’s an uneqivocal post from Angua.

They certainly do. Thanks, that was an educational experience, since we don’t hear much about the whole Idi Amin thing here in the US.

Per this thread, Lalenin was able to escape from Cuba.